December 24, 2019

Sunday had time with kids and worked out Jeff took Brandon to Sullivan’s me and Savannah stayed in and had a girls evening.

Monday we got so much done lots of errands and prepped our house for Christmas. I worked out more.

Monday evening my husband and I enjoyed a date night out had dinner at Roy’s and then enjoyed Christmas movies with the kids.

Tuesday was jam packed workout lots of errands also got Starbucks and donuts 🍩 didn’t even end up eating any donuts but did eat three donut balls on way home.

Did lots of baking and cooking and prepping for Christmas. Also got last minute gifts. Also finished wrapping gifts.

We took our kids out to P.F. Chang’s for dinner and to see the new Star Wars movie. It was a fun night but it left me exhausted. Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!

December 25, 2019 Merry Christmas 🎄

We had a wonderful Christmas. It was a little different not as big of a group. My Aunt was not feeling good at all today. I was sad she felt too ill to make it. We love her very much.

We had a nice casual day just us and the kids. Then we had a great time with my parents and Rob and Debra. Kids opened gifts we all had great conversations and watched Christmas movies.

My stomach wasn’t great some of the evening but once it was I was happy again to feel myself. After our guests left I did A peloton workout my little one worked out on her cycle next to me.

I took a relaxing bath and now I am ready for some much needed sleep. I hope everyone had a wonderful day! 😊🎄😘🤗🎅🙏💪🏻

December 21, 2019

The kids are home for the holidays. School is out Savannah had her Christmas recital. Brandon got his voulenteer hours completed.

We’ve been enjoying family time together since Friday. My husband and I went and saw Bombshell at the movie theater last night. After taking kids to the old spaghetti factory for dinner.

We all slept in today which was nice. Then we got breakfast and Brandon and I go get a few more gifts for my husband. We head to lunch after picking up Jeff and Savannah. Head over to Brandon’s end of season party for football.

I can’t believe I still have to get my Costco shopping and Ralph shopping done for Christmas dinner get ham from honey baked store too, I will start all my baking tomorrow.

I have all the laundry and cleaning to get through too. Been doing that already. We still have to schedule Brandon’s welcome appointment. I also have to print out Savannah’s sacred heart application and get everything all set to turn in on January 06.

I need to get in another peloton workout today. I will get laundry finished and watch some Christmas movies with kiddos. I haven’t received my secret Santa gift from my boo croo yet. She got hers awhile back from me before Thanksgiving and loved them which is great !

I love all the cards we got this year from family and friends. So sweet. I still need to get Savannah and my stuff packed for June Lake.

I need to look at all gifts find ones with no names and add to they are for on them and who from. Hopefully I remember who they are for.

Savannah and I enjoyed a nice night in and the boys went to Sullivan’s had a steak dinner and watched the game.

Hope everyone has a goodnight 🌙😴

December 18, 2019

Today was a great day! A wonderful early Christmas surprise for me my daughter her friends and teachers as her buddy Truman surprised us all with a visit. He’s been through a lot and got a Cancer Free status after his last scans such amazing news.

He will continue treatment until summer of 2020 to make sure he’s 100% clear and not anymore growth. All I can say is seeing thus sweet strong amazing boy in person after so long made my day. To see my daughter and all the other kids so happy and excited to have their best friend back was the best feeling.

Truman has two of the most amazing loving awesome and strong parents a kid can have. I think they are great and I was so happy to see them and get to hug them after a long time since they went to Texas for his treatments.

Today the kids had their Christmas party and book exchange as well . Savannah is at a great school we love the staff and her teachers . Brandon has a party in his advising class today. They also started day with mass. He also brought all his teachers xmas cards and brought his Tutor a gift as well.

I got in a great workout I love everyone at our Pure Barre. My husband and I were able to have tea and coffee together at Starbucks after my workout and before heading to Savannah’s school did the party.

Afterwards I was able to have lunch with him before we parted ways for rest of day. I picked up Brandon. Jeff picked up Savannah. He ran errands I did more wrapping and organizing at home.

He went out for dinner and kids and I had a Simple dinner at home watched two grinch movies. After that Jeff watched movie with kiddos while I finished last bit of wrapping and enjoyed hallmark movie.

Yesterday we kept Savannah home with us after her dentist appointment. Jeff took her to coffee and to mc Donald’s they had a great Daddy Daughter day together.

I met Sara for coffee we exchanged our Christmas gifts. I went out for our groceries got all the teachers gifts and cards. I picked up B from school had dinner took B out to help me pick gifts from kids to Jeff as well as gift from Brandon to Savannah and Savannah to Brandon . Savannah did great job at ginger bread houses. We had fun!

Monday I got in a great workout got lots of Christmas shopping done . Had a dinner date with my hubby and then came home and enjoyed time with kiddos. Savannah has been cuddling with us nearly every night lately .

I am excited for rest of week and this coming weekend ! Hope everyone is having a fantastic week! Goodnight 🌙 👍🏻🙏

December 15, 2019

This week was a busy week we had meetings about prepping for high school and college football. We had lots of baking going on. Also lots of Christmas books and movies. We had gift exchanges. I worked out all week I met up with Sara Wednesday to have Starbucks and then I did a lot of cleaning and organizing.

We went and watched the Jumangi next level movie Thursday evening after picking up kids from school and having a nice dinner at home first.

We have been getting all our Christmas items checked off the list. I really need to wrap up a couple more gifts and get rest of items for stockings, Brandon as well we still have some gifts to get him . All our adult gifts for family members.

If love to have us take kids to wild lights T the living desert too. Tomorrow hubby and I will go out since he gets in town again tonight. This week is gonna be jam packed and fly by. Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend !

December 10, 2019

So I woke this morning at 4 am my neck is all messed up must have hurt it while sleeping. That’s always frustrating and Savannah did not have her cardigan it got left at school had to look for that when we got there this morning.

Then after getting Brandon to school and then Savannah all set at school and yay we found the cardigan. 🙌 I show up 30 minutes early for my pure barre class and the whole front right side is reserved for people not there. Pretty annoying I was gonna leave but they adjusted the spots.

Workout was good thankfully I picked up my tea at Starbucks and had my breakfast at home did my start today journal along with show. I was in a much better mindset . I got cleaned up and got a few things done around the house.

Then I went to enjoy one of the facials I bought in a three pack during Black Friday. The Derma glow facial. It was great ! I needed to relax and feel good and sometime doing something nice fir yourself reminds you that you deserve to be happy and you matter.

Being a mom your always doing for others and making your schedule work around everyone else’s needs. It’s easy to feel depleted.

I made angel hair pasta with shrimp and garlic bread. Brandon and I had another meeting for his football .

Hope everyone had a great day !

December 7, 2019

Busy week here finished decorating house. Worked out at Pure Barre four days in a row and did Peloton. Met Sara my bestie for lunch Tuesday got errands done so many each day.

Enjoyed a few more days with my husband before he headed to June Lake. Enjoyed day with my hubby Wednesday and went to my friends Xmas party Wednesday night. Sheri through a great party for all of us Pure Barre gals.

I was also able to have lunch with my dear friend Cheryl on Thursday who is in town for a short visit. She’s like a second mother to me absolutely love her.

My son got put on detention for next week he has to bring lunch and sit in Ms Celaya’s class. His grades are good his GPA was good on last report card but he could have done better in. Indict and improved the C’s to B’s.

I want to see his Math grade improve this semester. I got most of our Christmas cards mailed. we got a little bit of rain and cooler weather this week.

I still need to finish Brandon’s xmas shopping and kids stocking stuffers my husbands gifts and gifts for adults coming to our house for Xmas day.

Brandon needs gift for heart pal to bring in this week. We need to send in gift card for Savannah’s teacher this week. I have my wax appointment and seriously between just groceries and basic stuff money is already depleted.

Trying not to stress I trust my husband will make sure I have money for the school items. I haven’t got my hair done since September and our dog Charly is stinky and needs a grooming too lol but we’re gonna have to wait and be patient.

I hope everyone had a great week! I really enjoyed time with my friends my workouts and my hubby. My kids and I had a good week too and I had a great Friday night with them and Saturday 😊 Goodnight 😘🌙💤