January 29, 2020

I have been so busy. I have been keeping up with drinking half my body weight in water ounces each day. I’ve been on peloton and pure barre I did skip Sunday as I was really stomach sick. But was right back to it Monday. I finished another book and look forward to starting another one tonight.

I am less than 8 classes away from my 200 mark on peloton cycling. I am getting close to 400 in pure barre next achievement I’m working towards is 500 club.

I am going to Rise in March excited about that. It’s been on my goals to get ticket and attend so I am thrilled.

Savannah started gymnastics last Saturday and she really liked it. I was able to get to dinner with my cousin Robbie and my mom and it was nice even though I had already had a major migraine and was starting to get stomach sick.

Migraines are the absolute worst. I am bummed I didn’t get to see my bestie today her son hurt his wrist and they needed to go to doctor to check it out.

I was able to get a manicure and I am doing the intensive class tonight at pure barre. I went and had an early lunch at Blaze pizza like the take two I get an arugula salad and a vegge out pizza so good.

Brandon gets his braces off next week and his permanent retainer put in. We got the pendant light for our entry way up now looks so much better.

I will need to go to stock us up with groceries Friday or early next week.

Hope everyone has had a great week so far!

January 22, 2020

Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile. I needed some time to handle the loss of my Aunt. We have a date now for her funeral service it will be on same day as the gala for our church and my sons school. But February is a hard month so much going on.

So that will be a lot on us for the weekend we will be missing our dear friends little girls birthday. Savannah will be bummed but our family stuff is much more important.

I started coaching last week which I am so happy about. I will be letting Savannah go to a gymnastics class tomorrow night and if she loves it I will sign her up. She has been begging us to go to gymnastics like her friends.

I think she will enjoy it. I did gymnastics for 10 or 12 years when I was a kid. It was definitely something I loved and was good at.

Brandon is doing great in school and I still can’t believe how much he has grown up. He only has a few short months left and then he graduates and will be a high schooler.

I will be taking Savannah on her tour of Sacred Heart next month and she will start there next fall. My kids are growing up so much and so fast.

I’ve been working out consistently both peloton and Pure Barre. I am close to milestones at both. Close to my next cycling milestone of 200 rides and getting closer to my next pure barre milestone of 500 classes.

I have definitely had a lot of depression in the past year and I want to have more in my life to feel accomplished and successful again beyond being a great mother. Which I love being and means so much to me.

I have lost myself in motherhood and marriage. So I’m working on regaining myself. I’m hoping I get to attend the Rise conference for women. It will mean so much to me if I get that time to work on me and concentrate on my growth.

I am also so looking forward to getting my hair done tomorrow it’s been forever. So I hope Patrick is able to get me back to my icy pearl blonde color even though it’s been since September.

We have enjoyed some family time this past week and weekend . It’s so important to have that time together as a family. Life gets so busy but family is a priority and I want to make sure we get family trips in every year while we have both kids at home still. I know it will go by in a flash.

Hope everyone has had a great week so far! I will make sure I am back to posting more consistently again. Thanks for reading 🤗🙏❤️

January 10, 2020

Was up at 5:30 this morning which I guess is fine I had my morning tea and toast while Kids slept. My sons been great at getting up by 6 each day and getting ready for his day.

We don’t wake Savannah up until close to 7am so she is fully rested then get her breakfast and dressed. Today is pizza day at school since it’s Friday so no packed lunch today.

I am proud of myself for completing my first Apple Watch Peloton Challenge and I won. I got two cool badges. I’ve been to pure barre everyday this week and this morning it’s Pure Empower.

There is so much to clean out of my Aunts home. My mom and my cousin are working hard on it but it’s a lot to deal with especially after just losing someone.

Hoping we will have service date picked out soon so I can make sure I have that time cleared. I’ve been going to bed at 9:30pm which has me up by 6 and usually earlier each morning.

I picked up my prescription yesterday and it was much more expensive since we are not covered at the moment it was like $50 vs normal $12. But the gal said to put in new insurance info online when we have it and I think we’re supposed to get credited.

Savannah has been in her bed every night by 8:30 and slept in her own room all night. So tonight I will let her sleep with me as promised since no school tomorrow.

I made some delicious Banana bread last night. Got all my laundry and dishes done and enjoyed evening with the kids.

I started the New Year reading Educated such a great book. Now I am reading Such a great age . Enjoying this book as well!

We have a double Birthday party to go to tomorrow morning. I’m looking forward to seeing my bestie today.

Got the kids dropped off to school everyone in a great mood this morning. I’m a lucky mom love my kids so much.

Pure Empower class was a great one today got a good calorie burn. I got home took a quick rinse then got a green tea lemonade and finished my first round of errands.

Then I met my bestie for lunch and we got to catch up since we hadn’t got together since right before Christmas. Today has turned out to be nice warm and sunny ☀️ which is great I was worried we were gonna have cold weather.

I picked up the kids. Savannah had a great day and enjoyed Soccer. Brandon had a decent day. He was so sweet and washed my car for me when we got home.

We went to gas up my car and Brandon treated us to dinner tonight which is so sweet. Savannah watched Frozen and had nearly all her toys out. Brandon was happy it was weekend so he could get on Xbox. I spent evening finishing my new book.

I got in some snuggle time with my little one and read to her. She is sacked out what a sweetie. I also got in my meditation. I didn’t get on the bike today. But I will both Saturday and Sunday.

I am extremely proud of my two children they bring me so much happiness and pride. I am blessed to be their mom they make my life so great and it’s the best job in the universe.

I have a clear mind more now than I have in years. 2020 is going to be a fantastic year. I know there will be so much for me this year. I am gaining self worth and am driven and able to work towards goals.

I know what is on my priority list and I am putting in the work daily. Drinking half my body weight in water. Getting 60 minutes or more of exercise in each day. Journaling going to bed by 9:30pm each night and waking up early.

Being more active in general less sitting more doing. I have more energy and my mood is better. Even when things aren’t going ideally I am truly positive and happy.

I definitely wished I was at the Rise conference in Florida right now. That would have made my whole year. It’s definitely something I want to do this year. It’s important for me to have this experience.

I am tired hope everyone had a wonderful day!

Heaven gained a new Angel 😇

Yesterday afternoon we lost my Aunt Janne way too soon. She had so much spirit and strength and love and since of adventure. I’ve loved her and been close to her my whole life.

She is already missed so much. Would give anything to just hug her one more time and tell her how much I love her and she means to me .

Happy New Year

Well after Christmas we spent the day after resting and packing and cleaning up it was pouring rain all day.

On the 28th we headed up to June Lake all four of us and picked up our nephew on the way to bring him back to his mom.

We were all tired after a long drive. My hubby and I went out to dinner across the street after getting the kids fed.

It was so beautiful in June lake love the snow. We took kids sledding played in the snow with them . We also spent an afternoon bowling and went for pizza.

Since the kids share a room and hubby was snoring I didn’t sleep first two nights. Then he offered to take the couch so I could sleep following two nights.

Which I greatly appreciated as I needed sleep. We decided to get home early left on NYE. Didn’t have any exciting plans hung out Witt the kids and enjoyed a night in and I unpacked and got laundry ready to start the following day. I cooked us a simple meal.

January 1st I got on my peloton for three workouts my challenge started and I was motivated. I e took the kids to Starbucks I got my iced green tea lemonade and made myself toast at home.

Did lots of cleaning and laundry took down our tree and all our decorations. My hubby and I managed to make a reservation to have a belated NYE dinner together it was lovely. Food was great and always nice to have adult time with my hubby.

I haven’t been to pure barre yet though this year have to get payment squared away. Did more peloton today and I forgot to mention I did a ride after dinner on NYE felt food after being cooped up in the car for nearly seven hours.

House is looking pretty good I got all our laundry done. Kids enjoyed playing and hanging out all day. I took Savannah to our friends home to have a play date and catch up with my friend Tara.

Such a nice afternoon catching up. I started making dinner for the kids when I returned home. My son got Savannah’s Tee pee put together and she loves it. My peloton outfits that I bought for myself since my secret Santa was a flake came in.

I have to try them on excited to wear them. Our dog is in need of grooming he is so stinky from walking in snow and just in general as it’s a week past due.

I will hopefully be able to book him soon! Jeff got us squared away with Brandon’s tutor money and lunch money since he will be out of town on Monday and until the 15th.

The kids and I always miss him when he has to go away. Tomorrow I will figure out what I need from grocery store I know we need all the produce and fruit items and I’m almost out of dish washer pods. So I will make a list. Savannah needs Lunchables and snacks and drinks for her school lunch.

I need to get organized in kitchen and pantry I need drawer organizers bad. I also want to reorganize my closet and bathroom ASAP.

I’ve been doing great drinking water daily. I want to get in enough exercise and steps and water each day. Double my vegetable intake and cut out cheese and limit other dairy items.

I want to keep up with my journaling and also my reading.

Hope everyone is having a fabulous New Year so far!