Toronto Rise

All packed for Toronto Rise
Last school drop off before I catch my flight to Toronto ✈️
Had my Tea did my STJ and recorded a story book so my daughter could still have me with her during her bedtime routine while I’m gone.
Toronto here I come
Made it to my hotel Fairmont Royal York had a late dinner around 9:50pm
CN Tower as I’m on my way to Niagara Falls for the first time ever 🙌
My visit to Niagara Falls
Visited winery on way back from Niagara Falls tried Ice wine for the 1st time
Night before Rise conference Ice Skating at Nathan Phillips Square with some friends I met at early check in
Necessities from my VIP Swag bag other goodies not in photo.
These are from my first day at Rise let me tell you though when I went to bed the night before I was super anxious a ball of nerves met some nice gals had dinner with three of them but felt awful when I went to my hotel I was tired the meal was not great the conversation was but I felt like I wasn’t at the same place these women were and it was making me feel awful. So I only got about 2 hours of sleep and when I went downstairs to have breakfast at Reign which is a great restaurant I had a breakdown a panic attack and thought I wouldn’t make it to the event. But I pulled myself together and I went and I am so glad I did I had a great day! We had a great warm up thanks Chris Chandler. Rachel Hollis spoke to us in the morning and the afternoon. Jen Hatmaker was awesome if you haven’t heard of her look her up her books are amazing. We did Stand up for your Sister which was so powerful and something I won’t
ever ever forget. Brit Barron also known as “Beams” also talked to us and was so great love her. After Day 1 we had the VIP cocktail party at The Arcadian Loft. It was such a great event enjoyed the ladies as well and the food and having a glass of wine at the end of a long day. I was fortunate enough to meet and get photos with Chris Chandler and Dave Hollis. Who are both such positive and genuine and a pleasure to meet. I was bummed that I missed the chance to Meet Trent Shelton and get a photo with him. I was pretty tired headed back to my hotel had a snack at Pipers Pub before bed and went to bed to get some rest.
Day 2 of Rise included Rachel Hollis, Amy Porterfeild and Trent Shelton. I was able to connect with Shannon Hale. I got my goal getter pin and did a coaching testimonial. Was able to talk to Dave Hollis again and grab another photo. I really enjoyed all the speakers and Chris Chandler and Brad & the Divas really made our day extra fun and positive. It was a very long day Rachel Hollis really gives you her all and we had extra with her I think over and hour and a half. So for us VIP holders made our day long as we all wanted our tile after day 2 to meet and get photo with Rachel. She was well worth the wait. She is a true positive radiant light and she is genuine. It was my pleasure to meet her and see how down to earth she is.
Afterwards I got an Uber and headed to Benihana to enjoy a dinner met some great people at my table who were very fun and chatty. I was exhausted so went up stairs took a bath and made sure to get some good sleep.
Met Rachel Hollis what a sweetheart

Day 3 of Rise I think we were all getting tired but also still ready for all the fire 🔥 we knew was coming our way. I mean we had an amazing warm up we got to hear from Dave Hollis. We got information on the future of the Hollis company. We had Stacy Flowers speak to us and I am so bummed out I did not get to personally meet this woman because her talk was absolutely amazing. I was thrilled to hear Mally Roncal speak and lucky enough to meet her afterwards and she stayed for over an hour talking to everyone that wanted to meet her taking photos and hugging everyone. We had a full day and it was an amazing send off. Rachel also made sure that we had an awesome finale so we had a mini concert just for us before we were all done. I was so blessed to go to this event and meet all the wonderful people I met. Hear from the amazing speakers. After Day 3 I went back to my hotel to unwind take a bath order in a delicious salad and some rosemary lemon fries from room service while getting ready for our roaring 20’s party. The party was great met some other great women especially Sara we hung out most of the evening and after that I was so exhausted I knew I’d be up at 5am to catch my flight and needed some sleep.

Mally Roncal ❤️ her
Blessed to have this amazing crew of people making out Rise Event the best ever!

Roaring 20’s Party at The Arcadian
Bye Toronto Palm Desert here I come

Can you tell from the above morning flight photo. How sleep deprived I was omg when I got home I missed my kids so much I just kept going hugged them squeezed them took them to lunch and to the mall to get my son some clothes and Savannah two dresses and some books to read together. I was. Zombie though even Monday I felt only half alive I was trying to get my energy back. But I have taken so much away from my Rise weekend and I look forward to going to another Rise.

Before bed looked though my Rise Books also completed my journal for day and went over what I wrote in my STJ earlier that day

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