Another Winner 

This is my second small plates meal by Hillshire. It contains Italian Dry Salame with natural Gouda Cheese & Toasted Rounds. It was just the right amount of food and tasted delicious 😋. Now I am out so will have to pick some up next time I’m at the store. 


Tuscan Flair 

For lunch today I tried this Hillshire Snacking small plate pack sold at my local super market. 

It’s truly the most delicious delightful light lunch I’ve purchase in a pack at grocery store. 

It included Barrel Smoked Chicken Breast, Monterey Jack Cheese With Garlic And Herbs Amaretto Flavored Chocolate Covered Almonds& Rosemary & Olive Oil Flavored Crisps. 

I will definitely try more snacking packs by Hillshire. 

Body Image

In the last five years my body has changed quite a bit. The first changes I noticed in fall of 2013 I was working a lot and started gaining weight. It hit 118 which at the time was super heavy for me 113 was heaviest I’d ever been other than during my pregnancy. Then I got engaged and really didn’t pay attention to the scale until right before  honeymoon everything fit right and I felt I had ballooned out. I was 136 pounds during that time in 2014. I never got lower than 130 and then November of 2014 we found out we were pregnant with my daughter. So I clearly gained weight as I should would with my pregnancy.

I noticed my thighs, butt and boobs doubling in size during pregnancy. I assumed I would drop all weight after I gave birth. My first pregnancy I weighed 142 on delivery day and when I came home from hospital a week later weighed 118 and only had ten pounds to lose which I lost fairly quick.

This time I was older and actually gained 20 pounds in water weight at hospital after my c section they said I had edema. I assumed though once home and breastfeeding I’d start losing.

I did lose that extra tenth of water in a couple of weeks but then was stuck in 140s and when I did get to 130s it was mid and high and rarely under 132.

Ive been exercising and watching what I eat wearing a waist trainer but still weigh between 135-140. I am not very tall and my build I would say is petite but I feel my body structure has changed.

I have belly fat and weak abs but also arm flab back flab and neck and chin fat even. I want to be happy with my body and feel good about myself but I really don’t right now. I feel depressed knowing what I once was and it makes my weight loss struggle and when I feel pain and weakness during workouts deeply affect my mood and self esteem.

I want to set a great example for my kids and I want to work hard to become stronger inside and out I want to be healthy and live a very long happy healthy life .

Its definitely showing me that I have a lot of internal work to do on myself as well so I know my self worth well beyond my outward appearance.

I know I need to get to the point where I am working out everyday. Set fitness goals and work hard to achieve them.

I want my husband to be attracted to me and be proud to call me his wife . I get worried as I see my body change will he still look at me the same he did when we first fell in love 😍

Right now I know I am comparing myself to my younger self not to any other person but I need to be easier on myself and just work hard to tone my body and get more flexibility back as well. I need to stick to a routine so I do not skip meals or workouts.

I will catalog my journey thanks for reading wish me luck 🙏

Disneyland Vacation

I just took my son to Disneyland to celebrate his graduation from elementary school. I booked us a room at the Disneyland Hotel. We left our home early Thursday morning stopped off for some coffee and Banana Bread

We had a decent drive just a thick spot of traffic just before we reached our destination it only added 30 minutes to our drive. Since kids are out of school and traffic is worse that’s not too shabby.

I decided to Valet park as it was only $10 extra per day than self park. We were promptly greeted and assisted. We went inside did pre check in. The staff was very helpful and friendly and got us our keys as well as map of hotel. Gave us fast pass tickets and  a $20 meal credit to use in the park or in the hotel.

We went to Disneyland park first and we were able to enjoy going on our favorite rides. Big Thunder Mountain, The Pirates of the Carribean and Splash Mountain which would have been a 90 minute wait but we used the fast passes we got from check in. So less than 15 minute wait.

We went on Space Mountain as well a favorite of ours. We had Mickey Pretzels and Waters and never got around to having lunch. I was feeling a little exhausted so was excited when I got the text alert that our room was ready.

I told my son we’re heading to hotel that I would rest so we could head back out at dinner time and the park is open until midnight so we’d have a full night.

The nap refreshed me we made a plan to go to ESPN to Have dinner and then do some swimming at hotel. Then clean up and go back to Disneyland.

We got seated pretty quick and my son who chose the restaurant was very indecisive about ordering. I decided on pasta fettuccine alfredo with grilled chicken and garlic bread.

We enjoyed our food and had good service. When we got back to our room my sons stomach was upset and he had Diarrhea 😩. I gave him some pepto bismol but told him no pool for the night not a good idea.

I was hoping he’d have energy to head out again by 8:30 to see electrical parade and fireworks. But he wanted to take it easy and play on his phone so I agreed.

Friday when we woke up my throat and ear were killing me. But I slept well and Brandon wanted to sleep in. I grabbed my bill copy and was pleasantly surprised by the note attached inviting us to stay another night for half the price I paid the previous night.

Had my husband and daughter been with us or at least us both feeling better I would have stayed the additional night. We got showers and ready and went downstairs took some pictures.

We left our bag s with the bell  service headed to Starbucks and had our morning coffee. We headed into California Adventure       Park. We had no time been on the New Guardians Of The Galaxy Ride yet. So that was our first stop and it was a very long wait. But well worth it we absolutely loved it.

After that one we grabbed some fast passes for Radiator Springs Racers. Then we we’re bummed that California Screaming was closed. We couldn’t get fast passes for Toy Story Mania since we got the cars ones. But the big bummer is the cars one we couldn’t go on until after 4pm.

The Toy Story Mania had we got the passes we’d be able to go on at 1pm. We used our dining voucher fo lunch and I spent only $6.01 for a $28.00 lunch other savings was from being an annual pass holder.

I wasn’t feeling great so told my son let’s see what I could get us on without fast pass and see how I felt. We decided to wait in Soaring The World it ends up being about one hour wait. I was not feeling the best but it was worth the wait.

I told my son if he was able to get fast passes for his water ride I’d go on if it was fairly soon. He was able to get them but it was a two hour wait. I thought if we hit the shops and had a snack I’d be fine.

Hes so sweet he knew I was not doing good and he asked me to just get us to the car and head home. I did but first got his sister some gifts. Took him to get him the Golden State Warriors cap he wanted and a soda.

We got our bags and car without too much of a wait. I was feeling good thinking getting on the road at 2:30pm would put us ahead of traffic. I was so wrong our drive that usually is a two hour drive turned into  over a three hour drive.

That drive really did me in and I was thirsty and ache and knew our new home had no gas set up so I had no way to have soup or tea at home. I decided to take us to PF Changs so I could get hot green tea and honey and wonton soup.

It was just what I needed my throats thanked me later. My son enjoyed his dinner as well and we hurried up when we found out my parents popped by the house to see us.

I really enjoyed this trip with my son no matter the traffic us not feeling 100% we made some nice memories and I will definitely book another trips stay at Disneyland Hotel.

June 11, 2017

Sitting here trying to unwind and get some sleep. Still in hotel room hoping to get in our home this week. My son has his field trip to Wet N Wild Waterpark in Palm Springs, CA. He is looking forward to that with his 5th grade class.

They had their commencement ceremony on Friday so the fact that they have school until Tuesday doesn’t make sense. Oh well 😔. I am glad I made it to my Pure Barre class in Palm Desert, CA. Jenay is a great instructor.

Took the kids swimming it’s nice to take some time to just enjoy our family. Nice to see my mom today too and spend some time with her. Tomorrow and the whole week will be quite busy with getting house organized and I can only organize rooms once workers are done with them.

Main focus is kids rooms and our master bedroom. Then I am hoping they will have bathrooms done and kitchen and laundry so I can organize and put things away and finally unpack.

I am not sure when our pantry will be in so might not be able to unpack pantry food and spices etc . I really want to go to Pure Barre  at least four days this week. I need to renew our Disney passes online or in person this week.

I need to make sure we order and buy home items still needed. I am awaiting the mural for my daughters wall. Also my latest Fab Fit Fun Box . I am a little disappointed that my first Trunk Club Box shipped out missing two items I chose. So I will only be able to review the other items that were sent when it arrives.

I hate being in limbo once we get in our home and settle down which will take awhile I can plan my daughters Second Birthday. I can start her potty training. Once our ordered items arrive I can take kids to our home in June Lake for awhile. I am hoping to take my son to Disney to celebrate going into junior high.

Do some nice family time trips and have the most wonderful family Birthday for Savannah.I so much want to tone and strengthen my body and be in great shape again. I want to be able to cook again once my kitchen is done.

Had a lot on my mind as well because my Aunt is going through a lot right now and I love her dearly. I am so tired 😴 stay tuned 🌻

July 10, 2017 

Well we’re not in our home yet been out of the other one for over two weeks now. Been staying at a hotel and it’s not a fun experience. My son had his 5th Grade Comencenment Ceremony yesterday. 

Time passes by so quickly when you see your kids growing up in a blink of and eye. Savannah turns 23 Months old on Monday. I am glad my husband and I at least got a date night tonight. 

Been missing my Pure Barre class only went once this past week. I plan to go tomorrow morning. So much stress lately with our house and my husbands job. 

Hoping to get settled in our new home soon so we can start enjoying our summer as a family. I also need to start potty training Savannah. 

I need to get over to see my Aunt this week both on my own and with the kids. Still have tests they are running. Hoping for a good nights sleep tonight. 

Awaiting my Summer 2017 Fab Fit Fun Box as well as a new clothing box from Trunk Club. I am awaiting the arrival of my daughters wall mural wall paper. I received and absolutely love the Disney princess growth chart its perfection. 

I will make sure to post reviews on all items with all information. I will also review all vendors and tradesmen we used on our home. I will also review this hotel we’re staying in. 

Stay Tuned and thank you for reading. 🌻

June 8, 2017

Well I am happy to have my hair done 😎 But disappointed that the only thing done at house today was powder room counter and tv connectors put in wall. No finished granite no finishes plumbing so no kitchen or bathrooms done. 

Frustrating as we’ve already been displaced for two weeks we’re supposed to get moved in a Saturday now it’s like what condition will it be in. 😂 The house is seriously dusty and dirty and disorganized don’t know how it will be able to be livable for my toddler, 10 year old and us by Saturday. 

We still need lighting fixtures and hardware for kitchen and bathroom. Safety gate for pool and we also need our pantry done. No appliances hooked up yet so stressing out. They still have painting to finish they have all crown molding to do.

We need to get all our frames up on the walls as well as all beds made rooms fully organized my kitchen fully organized but I cannot start any of that until they are done. 

My sons commencement ceremony is tomorrow at 1:45pm I am so exhausted since my little one never lets me sleep anymore lately I know it’s because we’re displaced and she needs a normal home again and a schedule again. 

My husband is coming home today but did not get on the road until afternoon so it will be awhile. I long for the day that house is fully finished so I can be at peace. I pray for good results for my ill family member. I pray I get a good nights sleep tonight . 

Home Please

Well we have been displaced since last Tuesday night. We first stayed at my parents home while they were out of town. They go round home last night so we got a hotel suite for me and kids as my husband had out of town business to attend to.

My little one got us up at 5am and I so exhausted . We left early this morning stopped by house and then dropped kids to school and daycare. Came back unpacked rest of stuff and organized.

Then I filled up gas tank got dry cleaning picked up then went by  house dropped off items and picked up some.

At 2pm maids still had not come and I wanted trash emptied and towels before I picked up kids. I picked up my son and then we got some groceries took them to hotel to put in fridge.

Picked up my little one next then went by house let my son grab some more clothes and looked to see if anymore progress. My husbands office was painted which was good but they have taken nearly 4 weeks with. Painting way too long.

When we got back to hotel I attempted to start dinner our stove burners were not working no heat coming to them. Had to call twice and waited 2 hours until it was taken care of kiddos had to have in cooked items for dinner.

Still enjoyed night with kids but super exhausted my littlest one just barely laid down and it’s nearly 10pm. My husband said our counters are being installed tomorrow and appliances and Thursday our plumbing finished.

Then we will need to get all frames hung up and decor. Our pantry will hopefully be done by next week and hoping our laundry as I need to do laundry. Two items for my daughters room have been shipped .

We still need to clear our garage to make room for our cars. Need floors and house cleaned fully. I am hoping tomorrow will be a good day. Going to Pure Barre it’s been over two weeks.

My son gets out early tomorrow so we need to relax and enjoy the pool

goodnight everyone 😴🌻

June 03, 2017

Well we’re still getting small items moved into new place have just garage items left to move and figurines and my little girls Mickey Mouse Car. Life has been hectic but everyday there is progress. 

Tomorrow we go to a hotel for a week and hope House will be ready to move in after that. My son still has school until June 13th. 

My husband and I had a long overdue date night enjoyed delicious dinner at PF Changs at the River in Rancho Murage CA. Then we enjoyed watching Wonder Woman at Cinemark at the River in Rancho Mirage, CA.

I got my latest Stitch Fix Box  today and loved it. Kept all five pieces a cute red dress. A great grey and white stripe casual dress. A romper and a pair of denim shorts and matching blue shirt with printed back. 

If you haven’t tried this yet it’s wonderful been doing it for over a year now. I highly recommend it.

Well need some rest very busy day tomorrow and a busy week ahead. Stay Tuned and thank you for reading 🌻

May 26, 2017 Almost fully Packed 

Well today I have been packing all day. Thank goodness I had help my best friend is truly the best. She came over this morning and helped pack with me until after lunch. 

She ran a few errands with me and had lunch . I am getting rest of laundry done and need more paper and bubble wrap and boxes still have my whole kitchen Pantry to pack up.

I also have all lower cabinets in kitchen left plus counter appliances. Kids closets and dressers our chest and dressers. Most of my bathroom is packed up. But need more boxes for that too. 

They were in full painting mode at our house still. Hoping counters in kitchen, pantry, laundry and bathrooms will be in by next Wednesday when furniture gets moved. 

I want to have access to put all items in closets by tomorrow afternoon. Sunday I will try to get things moved over. 

Then I need to wait until Tuesday when kids are back in school and daycare. I skipped my Pure Barre class this morning because I had so much to do. 

My son forgot to bring his project in to class that was due his teacher will accept it next week but it’s marked late and points docked off as well. Ugh the stress but he has to learn to organized remember his assignments. 

My sons out of school soon and then we will pick up my little one later this afternoon. I want to go by house to check progress.