April 13, 2019

It’s been a good week a busy week. My daughter is finally 100% potty trained only underwear 24 hours a day no accidents.

My son is keeping up with his grades and has been a big help at home. Savannah had an Easter party Friday before getting out for her spring break.

Brandon has school next week his break is week after Easter. He’s in the passion play at his school so we will watch that next week.

I took my mom to the movies on Tuesday and saw Aftermath. Wednesday I spent the day with my bestie and used a spa gift card I got back in September.

I did lots of peloton and went to Pure Barre. Finished a new book which was so nice.

Today took my son to a movie while my mom watched Savannah.

Looking forward to getting her swings up and sand in her sandbox. Hoping she feels better so I can take her to Disney this week!

I hope everyone has had a great week! I’m so tired will write more soon goodnight 😴


April 06, 2019

Had a good week! I am done with all my online quizzes for all my broker courses just waiting until I’m allowed to take exams so I can get those done and book my actual test date. Got to see my buddy on Wednesday and got house organized. Did peloton all week long and my next class I will be at 75 rides.

Friday was a busy day took Brandon to school then Savannah and I dropped Charly to the groomers and had some girl time a little breakfast at Starbucks before dropping her to school.

Brandon got out at noon so I took him to lunch. Got groceries picked Savannah up after her soccer. Took both kids to get haircuts and then picked Charly up.

Made angel hair pasta with lots of garlic and lemon and shrimp a little garlic bread and we all loved it. Also made some chocolate chip cookies for dessert.

Today we played outside had our Starbucks. Brandon hung out with my parents after they came over for a visit. Savannah and I had fun we played, had yummy lunch napped and did lots of fun stuff while watching Cinderella.

My dad took Brandon to see the movie 🍿 “US”. I made lasagna and Savannah helped me make some fun sugar cookies and iced them.

When B got home we all hung out and it was a great night! Sleepy now goodnight πŸ’€πŸ˜΄πŸŒ™

April 03, 2019

Today was a good day was able to get a lot done. But hoping to be able to get groceries for us we’re even out of eggs lol no fresh produce or fruits anymore.

I made an appointment for Charly to get groomed Friday and the kids get haircuts after school on Friday.

Stressed 😩 so much to do and money is short. Dry cleaning to pick up too. I’ve been getting in lots of peloton workouts I’m close to 75 workouts.

I took Barre last week and this Monday. I went to the movies with my friend Kellie on Tuesday. I also did Savannah’s snack and share day.

Kids are excited for Easter and also already talking about summer. Huge reason is excited for Hawaii trip my parents and our family is going on.

Kids have never been to Hawaii and Brandon has only been to Chicago/ Wisconsin when he was 3 and flight to San Francisco for basketball camp that’s it.

Savannah’s been asking us practically everyday to add her swings to her swing set. I’ve been looking at directions and I think my son and I can tackle it if we need to.

I’m not the most handy with putting things together. But I am excellent at organizing and got Savannah some toy storage bins and sorted everything today and her room looks great!

Brandon’s grades have been great! Proud of him and it looks like he’s on a great track and will keep it up.

My friend Sheri hit the 500 club this week so proud of her😊 Savannah keeps getting eczema and rashes so I got her all kinds of specialty bath and lotions to help.

I’ve been checking out new cars have a few favorites and hoping to get into one by my 40th Birthday πŸŽ‚

Kids and I have been doing good getting into the groove of our schedule. Unfortunately the kids have different spring breaks Savannah’s is week before Easter and Brandon’s is the week after.

House looks great πŸ‘πŸ» looking forward to pool weather and getting our rafts out soon.

Would love to plan a tea party 😊 Need to get reading again have two books I’ve been meaning to read but haven’t had a chance yet.

Looking forward to seeing my best friend tomorrow for coffee β˜•οΈ

I do want to lose belly fat especially lower abdomen that’s been unattractive since my last pregnancy.

With 40th Birthday looming it definitely makes you think of where you want to be in all aspects of life.

I’ve been sleeping good and eating pretty healthy but I am out of salad fresh veggies and fruits so so need a grocery trip.

Savannah’s doing great on the potty and o believe she will finally complete potty training use potty for number 2 soon and be in underwear only she’s in it all day and at naps at home but in pull ups at school nap and at home for bedtime only.

Been thinking about what to do for Savannah’s 4th Birthday this summer. Glad I still have awhile.

Thinking good thoughts and prayers for a great outcome for Truman at his Cancer checkup. Also my friends husband is not doing well and it seems pretty serious so my thoughts and prayers are with them both. πŸ™πŸ™

I think our kids are gonna love everything I picked out and got to fill their Easter baskets this 🐣 Easter.

I hope everyone is having a great week! Goodnight πŸ˜΄πŸ’€πŸ€—

March 23, 2019

This week has been a good week. Monday enjoyed myself got stuff done around house.

Had a nice dinner with the kids after school. Tuesday Savannah had snack and share day at school so I stayed until snack time.

Then I was able to get my coffee and went to get my nails done. I got errands done picked up kids from school. My husband got home from June Lake and we went to dinner and had a nice evening.

Wednesday I got to have afternoon with my bestie lunch then coffee and lots of catching up always the best when we get to hangout.

Wednesday night my husband and I took the kids to eat and to a movie 🍿. It was a cute movie for Savannah but we all like it. ” Wonder Park ” great kid movie.

Thursday got cleaning done spent some time with my hubby getting cars washed and getting coffee. After picking up kids. Jeff stayed with them and fed them so I could meet two friends of mine for dinner.

It was nice catching up with my barre besties. Friday Savannah was off school so we did girls day played outside got coffee had waffles and later my husband met us for lunch at CPK. I got her down for a nap and picked our son Brandon up from school.

Then I headed to get my hair done. Felt so good to get it cut and colored had been since November last time I got it done. Then I went home my husband and I headed to get a quick bite to eat at Rubios and then went to theater to watch “Cruel Intensions” .

We came home cuddled with our youngest who slept with us all night our little cuddle bug. Then my husband had to leave this morning to go back to June Lake.

The kids and I went on a coffee and donut run and then Savannah and I spent the whole morning outside until lunch time.

Brandon is not feeling good so resting in bed and gaming. I vacuumed mopped started laundry 🧺 and got my little pumpkin off to nap after lunch.

Hope everyone had a great week and enjoying the weekend!

March 16, 2019

This week has been full of ups and downs. My hubby had to go away for work so we’ve missed him all week.

My son got a great report card and has been busy with school and has a part in the school passion play.

My throat has bothered me and it’s seeming to be my tonsils they are swollen and inflamed.

I got back to my Peloton workouts and did my 50th ride. Felt in a bit of a funk and pretty depressed most of the week yesterday and today started feeling myself.

Made some delicious Kung Pao chicken the other night. Love trying new recipes and it was a hit.

Still waiting on my glasses to come in really hoping they come in soon! Using my essential oils has helped with my throat and my mood this week.

My daughter is loving these Pinkalicious books so I was able to pick her one up today after school. Now that it’s getting warmer I’d love to have her start painting again. Get the easel out and have some art time.

Brandon my son has Voulenteering tomorrow so we will do all we can before that and I will take Savannah to visit with my mom and we can all get dinner after his hours.

Really on the fence on cutting my hair shorter or leaning it long. I haven’t had it done since November so I’m due for some style.

I’d love to get our house super organized and get back into menu planning. I’ve not been motivated to do pure barre much lately miss my favorite instructors so much.

Happy that the instructors and community on peloton are giving me motivation and happiness in my workouts.

I’m still very disappointed with people who have let me down with their actions or lack there of.

This year I’m turning 40 such a big Birthday for me I definitely have been feeling my age lately my hormones have been changing feel like pre menopausal symptoms.

My body has changed a lot in last five years. Can’t believe my Little one will turn 4 this summer and my son will be 13 this fall.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend so far! I am so ready for some sleep 😴

March 07, 2019

This week has gone by fast Savannah had picture day this week. Brandon had basketball and tutoring.

He started his 3rd Trimester this week and ended second one with a 3.29 GPA. We did volunteer for the Parkinson center on Monday. I did Pure Reform on Monday and Pure Empower on Wednesday.

We’ve had two nights to visit with my family that’s in town from back east.

I started added collagen peptides to my coffee and smoothies once a day.

My wantable box arrived and I kept a cute jumpsuit and a cozy grey sweater. My husband and I got eye exams and ordered our new glasses.

I read up on blood type specific diets this week and it’s very interesting. I need to get back on my Peloton it’s been a week.

I cleared out my closet and beauty items that I haven’t used and was able to give some great stuff to my bestie and her daughter.

Still debating on cutting my hair short again. My husband got our new patio table and chairs put together and set up it looks nice.

I ordered the kids yearbooks at their schools this week they are growing up so fast. I got my Function of Beauty personalized shampoo and conditioner last week.

But wasn’t able to start using it until I finished the ones I already had. I love the bottles that I picked the color the scent and what I wanted and needed it to do for my hair.

Only one use in and live it but will follow up again when the bottles are empty. My cramps have been intense today. I surprised my son Brandon with a Carmel frappachino when o picked him up from school today I hadn’t had a coffee all day and decided to get a pick me up and add my collagen peptides to it.

My husbands about to complete his fit in 42 day program he’s done so great πŸ˜€. Tomorrow I have a busy day ahead so I am hoping I fall asleep right away since it’s almost midnight and I will have to be up early.

Hope everyone had a great week! πŸ˜ŠπŸ€—πŸ™πŸŒˆπŸ˜΄

March 03, 2019

So this week I did my Pure Barre classes nearly everyday. I got in a dinner with my friend Sheri after our intensive class Wednesday night.

Thursday morning I got in coffee with my friends Barbara and Sara. A great Reform class Thursday night.

Friday we had our back east family visit which was nice. Yesterday we had a nice morning Witt kids then took them to CPK for lunch then Brandon’s basketball game.

I was able to get my nails done and then Zenaida came over and did my hair and makeup for the Gala for Savannah’s school.

We had a nice time at the Gala so many nice friends to chat with and Truman’s parents were there too and all the proceeds going to them we love them and Truman is doing great what an amazing kid he is he’s an inspiration to us all.

Today took the kids out for coffee took Savannah to get a manicure and her first pedicure she loves having her nails painted. We played outside since it’s so beautiful out today.

We also played blocks and dress up while watching the “Frozen”. I hope everyone had had a wonderful weekend! πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸŒˆπŸ™

February 26, 2019

So last week I got my stitches out and finally felt human Friday. Took my kids to school my daughter had snack and share day. It was super cute.

I raced to Pure Barre my friend was setting up my stuff in my spot but when I arrived they were fully booked and waitlisted so I was unable to work out.

I went for a coffee then met up with my friend Kellie at Tiffany’s we shopped there I got myself a belated valentines gift a infinity necklace and matching earrings.

We browsed at Saks and then went to lunch. Afterwards I got dry cleaning picked up and came home and did a great Peloton workout.

Saturday we had a Birthday party to attend and we were supposed to do a basketball game right after but my sons attitude was horrible and it turns out they didn’t have enough players anyway.

So after the party we went home got packed up for our overnight at the gala. My husband and I left once my dad arrived.

We had a great time at the Gala so many nice people even one of the gals my husband coached as a swimmer back in the day was nice to meet Ashley and her husband such a nice couple.

President George W Bush was the speaker of the night and he was quite funny.

Sunday we had another party we raced to once we left our hotel my kids were already there with my Dad.

We got another nice day catching up with friends and neighbors. Monday I got all the housework going and continued that today. I did Kim’s Pure barre class last night and took Mandy’s today.

Kim’s leaving so it’s such a bummer another great instructor gone. I went and had soup salad and breadsticks at Olive Garden hadn’t gone there in forever maybe 7 years it was a nice lunch.

My Nose has been running for a couple of days and it’s driving me crazy. I’m going through my oils to pick a blend for diffuser to help. Still have a decent amount but need to order some more.

Got this kit back in the spring last year since our oldest daughter was selling this stuff through young living.

Another friend of mine does doterra and always has great blends that are awesome and helpful for me to use.

So back the first week of February we officially became grandparents. A sweet baby girl. I do feel super bad for my husband that he’s still being iced out and even with all his reaching out and love he’s not been included or acknowledged in this beautiful happy experience. I’ve told him that the only person we can control is ourself so if you know you’ve given all your love and kept your door open and trust in God it’s all we can do.

We did have an eight month window of hearing from her everyday and face timing and texting etc. it was really nice our kids loved it too.

It’s a shame how family is seemingly just erased and cast aside today I had heard a lot about the erased family movement that’s swept the country but seeing all my husband has gone through after his divorce ever since we met in 2011 it’s truly become real and heartbreaking when the other parent works so hard to damage a child’s relationship with their other parent.

Jeff’s a great dad and our children are lucky to have him and it’s a shame his three older girls don’t show him how lucky they are to have been raised by him loved by him coached by him.

It’s always nice when we run into the kids he’s coached through the years and the parents they always appreciate the great job he did.

Jeff’s been doing a great job doing his 42 day fit in 42 program he’s a little more than halfway done. He’s been losing weight and gaining muscle.

I’m looking forward to more time with friends this week. Will see a bunch tomorrow night and intensive and have some dinner after.

Meeting two of my friends for coffee Thursday morning. Should be able to take my son to lunch Friday since he gets out of school early.

We have another Gala this weekend for Savannah’s school and I’m looking forward to that we have a lot of nice friends going to that so we can have a fun parents night out.

Our weather here is finally warming up so I’m thrilled about that because it’s been way too cold for quite awhile now.

Hope everyone is having a great week so far ! πŸ˜˜πŸ™πŸ‘

February 17, 2019

So Friday I started to feel human again but still weak. I got cleaned up dressed and a few things accomplished before kids got home from school.

We watched Wreck it Ralph 2 movie and I was able to eat soup and oatmeal.

Saturday we took the kids out in morning I had oatmeal and coffee. I played with Savannah got us ready for Brandon’s Basketball Game.

We all went to game got kids a late lunch after I wasn’t able to eat anything but the fries since they were soft on my teeth and they were so darn tasty. Had more green tea and rested with Savannah.

After we got the kids fed Jeff and I went to get soup for me and salad got him at California Pizza Kitchen before heading to a movie. It was so crowded and huge wait. Found out later they had a two person valentines meal special running all weekend that was causing the crowd.

Unfortunately fir Jeff and I we are limited on what we can eat. He’s in a 42 day health and fitness program. I can’t open my mouth all the way and have about five inches of stitches on right side of my mouth from impacted wisdom tooth removal. So sore but thankfully healing and on the mend.

We still enjoyed our dinner and we went to see “What Men Want” it was a funny movie we both just had waters no snacks at the movies.

It was terribly cold outside afterwards and I think that messed with my ear it was bugging me all night and most of today.

My husband was sweet and stopped for brownies so I could try to eat one carefully which was a challenge but I was so hungry and been craving them.

He also went to the store for me today got me more soups items to make smoothies and avocados which I’m also able to eat thankfully.

I fought a fever today but got a b12 shot and tried to take it easy hydrate and play with my little one. Jeff took Brandon to the movies and he and I watched “Widows” while Brandon kept Savannah occupied after dinner. Then I cuddled with Savannah until she fell asleep.

I somehow got myself to do a 15 minute ride on the peloton so I could keep my streak going. It was hard and it was only 15 minutes but it felt good I hadn’t worked out since last Tuesday before my dental work.

I will start with the shorter rides until I work back to my 45 minute rides. I also want to get back to Pure Barre.

Kids are off school tomorrow so planning to take them to coffee and movies and make a nice dinner and enjoy our day together.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Goodnight 😴