Great ways to use Chia Seeds

Chia is wonderful high in fiber as well as iron, potassium, calcium,selenium, omega 3, magnesium,protein, phosphorus, folate, and more. These seeds are incredible and I have learned a great many ways to digest them tastefully. Chia  seeds are incredibly healthy and promote weight  loss by helping you stay fuller longer. They regulate your blood sugarContinue reading “Great ways to use Chia Seeds”

Papa Johns Pizza Delivery Palm Desert, CA 

I typically order Dominos Pizza but we decided to give Papa Johns a try. I ordered at 5:35 pm and Pizza arrived at 6:38pm. The Delivery guy apologized for wait and was polite. He earned himself a good tip. All of us are thoroughly enjoying The Works Pizza and Garlic Knots. Yummy I highly recommendContinue reading “Papa Johns Pizza Delivery Palm Desert, CA “