Steak and Potatoes with Green Bean Vinaigrette šŸ˜‹

Another delicious meal. Love Martha & Marley Spoon šŸ˜˜Ā This is from my second box that arrived today. This was very easy to cook and I was so proud of myself once again cooking something new. It came our tasty šŸ˜‹My son loved it too and baby girl tried some too we all liked it. WishContinue reading “Steak and Potatoes with Green Bean Vinaigrette šŸ˜‹”

Healthy NachosĀ 

I Love this recipe never have I ever had nachos with fresh homemade chips by me. Or without cheese šŸ§€ But these were so fantastic tasty filling and such a good healthy way to indulge. My son tried everything but I am more of a fan than my picky 10 year old. This was soContinue reading “Healthy NachosĀ “

Kids Love Quiche šŸ˜

Today among all my baked goods for Super Bowl. I decided to make a healthy treat my easy Quiche. To make 24 you need 8 eggs add any Ingredients you like. I used chopped onion and spinach and shredded cheese. Set oven to 350 and set timer for 20 minutes. Any easy delicious snack thatContinue reading “Kids Love Quiche šŸ˜”

Pepper and Onion Cheese Pizza with Tangy Mixed GreensĀ 

This is the second meal I’ve cooked from my first Martha & Marley Spoon Box . This vegetable fajita pizza was phenomenal. It seriously tasted like I was eating fajitas. Better yet my picky 10 year old son and my 1 year old enjoyed as well . Very impressed by simplicity and quality of thisContinue reading “Pepper and Onion Cheese Pizza with Tangy Mixed GreensĀ “

Martha & Marley Spoon Review 1st meal

I can tell you this has exceeded my expectations . Delivery was on time and it was packaged just as you would imagine Martha would package anything special. I cooked my first meal tonight and granted I am still super sick and it was easy as pie. It was only 30 minutes start to finishContinue reading “Martha & Marley Spoon Review 1st meal”

Great ways to use Chia Seeds

Chia is wonderful high in fiber as well as iron, potassium, calcium,selenium, omega 3, magnesium,protein, phosphorus, folate, and more. These seeds are incredible and I have learned a great many ways to digest them tastefully. Chia Ā seeds are incredibly healthy and promote weight Ā loss by helping you stay fuller longer. They regulate your blood sugarContinue reading “Great ways to use Chia Seeds”

Great uses for Vicks Vapor Rub

I have always used Vick’s Vapo Rub on my chest and throat when under the weather. But have recently Ā found other ways it can be highly effective. Placing Vapo rub on a cotton ball and putting in your ear when you have ear pain. I noticed results in about ten minutes. I was very impressedContinue reading “Great uses for Vicks Vapor Rub”