Day 7 of 90 Day Health Challenge (Tuesday)

Well yesterday I let the rainy weather hold me back and today its bright and sunny. I made sure to have my oatmeal and raspberry breakfast. I am having an iced mocha Grande size. After lunch I will be hiking the bump n grind. I will have a healthy spinach salad for lunch today. IContinue reading “Day 7 of 90 Day Health Challenge (Tuesday)”

Day 6 90 Day Health Challenge (Monday)

Age:37 Height:5’4 Weight:134.6 BMI:31.9 Floors:0 Miles:1.91 Calories Burned:1,908 Active Minutes:10 Steps: 4,592 Sleep: 7 hours 27 min Water:56 0z Breakfast I had Oatmeal with raspberries  and a Hot Mocha with Whip Lunch Spinach Salad  and water Snack: Famous Amos lunch size snack bag Dinner: Steak & Chicken Fajitas with chips salsa and guacamole  1 smallContinue reading “Day 6 90 Day Health Challenge (Monday)”

February 27, 2017

Its been raining today. I am worried about getting in my steps because I did not want to walk in the rain since I have the baby. We have our friends movie premiere tonight which will be fun. My latest Martha & Marley Spoon box is set to arrive today. I am still awaiting my first Adore Me Order.Continue reading “February 27, 2017”

February 26, 2017

Well I barely got any sleep last night so I got up had my  coffee at 6am. It was raining lightly and everyone else was fast asleep. I had some oatmeal and raspberries for breakfast. Took Brandon to Catechism then he got a nice offer to go to fair with his friend Noah. So IContinue reading “February 26, 2017”

Day 5 of 90 Day Health Challenge

Age:37 Height:5’4 Weight:134.9 BMI:32.2 Floors:76 Miles: 6.46 Calories Burned: 2,091 Active Minutes: 127 Steps:15,431 Sleep: 3:57 Water:64oz Vitamins and Medication: Multi vitamin, Probiotic, Biotin, Lipitor, D3 Today we hiked the bump and grind again and it was nice. It feels good to be active and get daily exercise. For breakfast I had a Grande HotContinue reading “Day 5 of 90 Day Health Challenge”

Day 4 of 90 Day Health Challenge

Outfit By Fabletics  shoes Sketchers Age: 37 Height:5’4 Weight: 135.1 BMI:30.4 Floors:50 Miles:5.72 Calories Burned:2,160 Active Minutes: 95 Steps: 13,717 Sleep: 9hr 29 Min Water:40 oz Vitamins & Medication: Multi Vitamin, Pro Biotic, Biotin, Lipitor, D3, and with Dinner I took the It Works Advanced Fight Fighter supplements.  Well this morning I had Oatmeal for breakfastContinue reading “Day 4 of 90 Day Health Challenge”

February 25, 2017

Well today I made sure to have oatmeal for breakfast. I got myself a iced mocha and I still need to take my vitamins and medication. I don’t feel like eating lunch but need to eat something before we go for a hike. My little one is enjoying a new episode of elana of avalorContinue reading “February 25, 2017”

Day 3 of the 90 Day Health Challenge

For Ninety days I will be pushing myself to take good care of myself both with exercise and my healthy meals and snacks. I will take prescribed medication by my doctor as well as prescribed supplement D3. I will log daily how I did and see where I am at. Because in 90 days IContinue reading “Day 3 of the 90 Day Health Challenge”

Breaking out My Bikini 👙 

Hubby treated me to spa day today for be-lated Valentine’s gift. First time in a bikini this year. I am going to be working on health and fitness next three months so hopefully next photos will be in better shape. But love this Bikini got it last year from White House Black Market.   InContinue reading “Breaking out My Bikini 👙 “

Day 2 of 90 day Health Challenge

Age: 37 Height: 5’4 Weight : 132.6 BMI: 34.5 Sleep: 7 hours 7 min Steps: 8,049 Calories burned:2,082 Miles:3.36   This morning I had some oatmeal and had an Iced Coffee I took my multi vitamin, a B12 vitamin, Biotin, and my probiotic. I took those with a glass of 2% organic  milk. I gotContinue reading “Day 2 of 90 day Health Challenge”

Parmesan-Crusted Chicken with Red Leaf Salad

This second meal of the week from my third Martha & Marley Spoon Box. This Meal was a winner  my husband was raving about it. I loved it and it was truly an easy meal to prepare and pretty healthy. Which is great for us since both my husband and I are trying to be healthier inContinue reading “Parmesan-Crusted Chicken with Red Leaf Salad”