August 12, 2019

This past week I was able to finally finish reading ” Daisy Jones and the Six”. I got our Costco and Ralph’s groceries. I got rest of kids school supplies shoes and clothes.

I enjoyed time with kiddos by the pool and Savannah finished up her swim lessons on Thursday. No room in next session in time slot we needed.

So I’m working with her at home for now. Brandon’s doing a great job at football. I managed to make a chiropractor appointment I go in this week.

I also took some me time today and had lunch and a massage at the Miramonte spa. I still miss working out. Hoping to get back st it soon !

Brandon starts school on the 26th so trying to soak up our last days of summer together. Savannah starts on the 04th so I will have a little more time to hang with her.

Ready to see my hubby looking forward to our June Lake trip😊 Hope everyone has had a great Monday! I’m going to bed so sleepy 😴


August 06, 2019

I have been extremely stressed and even depressed past two days. I have nearly everything done for kids back to school.

But I still need to do Costco and grocery run and money is right. I also haven’t seen a doctor yet about my hip/ thigh issues and it’s been bothering me over two months it’s overwhelming being home just me and kids for so long and not being able to get to a doctor.

Also super frustrating that I completed all my brokers stuff and I do not have a test date mainly because I haven’t had an income from real estate since I had my daughter.

Now my real estate license is about to expire so more tests which is annoying since I should have taken brokers test by now. I mean I have had my license 21 years now sheesh.

I need to find a doctor as my main general practitioner. I haven’t been to the doctor since 2016 for a physical and they wouldn’t do a Pap smear or a mammogram.

I’m turning 40 next month and want a comprehensive physical as well as Pap smear and mammogram. My hip issue needs to get figured out as well it’s kept me from daily exercise which has affected my weight and I believe is also causing me to be depressed.

I also cannot sit Indian style or move my leg comfortably for my bikini waxes being intimate is extremely painful so that’s not worked as well which is quite frustrating.

My son being in a relationship at a young age is definitely stirring up a lot of emotions for me. I’m happy for him but also not wanting him to get hurt or make bad choices. Making me remember highs and lows of young love. Also I see so many changes in him and I do not want to be cast aside this early it’s one thing when your child is out of the house and seriously dating or married.

This is stressful to me and I’m trying to just relax and go with it and trust my sons choices and in his love for his family. My poor sweet girl has eczema again and it’s miserable trying to get it under control.

I was able to get my sons school schedule and all his school supplies. Got Savannah’s school supplies as well as backpacks for kids shoes for Brandon and lunch box for Savannah.

My car is running on empty light cans on tonight after football practice need to fill up in the morning. I have not been doing enough self care. Working out is something I love and I miss it so much.

My self esteem has really taken a hit this summer I think just my 40th Birthday looming. Not getting much time with my husband. Losing my workouts have really messed with me.

I miss my bestie we haven’t seen a ton of each other this summer life has been so vita for both of us. I need to get some sleep 😴 I hope everyone is having a less stressful week πŸ™πŸ‘πŸ€—

August 04, 2019

Well this past week Savannah started back at swim lessons and has been moved up again. Brandon has football practice every night he’s happy to be back at it.

I got a facial done on Wednesday felt good hydro facial and derma plane combination makes my skin feel silky smooth.

Thursday I had a crazy day but got all Brandon’s school uniforms a mani pedi. Had so much at the dry cleaners since I saved up items for like three months before dropping off ugh.

Saw Sheri on Thursday for lunch and Sara on Friday for coffee. Took Brandon to orthodontist appointment on Thursday.

My left hip and thigh still in pain been over two months now. I need to go to the doctors. I’ve been having spasms and pain. Not been able to workout. Limited mobility of my left side.

Savannah went to dance on Saturday. I need to get Brandon’s school schedule and go to Costco and make doctors appointments.

We got to see our friends Tara and Sierra today which was nice. I enjoyed time with kiddos last two days at home. I’ve been constipated for this past week not sure why fiber isn’t helping.

I want to make a colonic appointment this week as well. Brandon’s his girlfriend is back in town so I will make sure he gets to see her this week. Woke up a couple hours ago and can’t get back to sleep.

Time to try to get back to sleep hope everyone is sleeping well! Have a great week! πŸ˜ŠπŸ™πŸ‘

July 29, 2019

In the last two weeks life has been very busy. We celebrated our daughters 4th Birthday. We prepared for our family trip to Maui. I got rid of my Mercedes and got a fully loaded Ford Edge which is great!

We had an amazing time it was our first big trip with our kids my daughters first plane ride and both the kids first time in Hawaii.

We had a jam packed trip had a nice dinner the evening we arrived with my parents. We had a great poolside day Sunday and Monday our zip line got cancelled.

We went to town got our hair braided had delicious shaved ice and then did a dinner cruise with the whole family.

Our son unfortunately got sea sick felt so bad for him but we got him Dramamine and all was well. I had no idea he’d get sea sick. Savannah did great and we enjoyed our time on the boat.

Wednesday we took the kids on a turtle swim for most of the day two snorkel stops and lunch but I barely saw a glimpse of a turtle. Kids had a great time too! Although my daughter was not happy she couldn’t go on slide like bigger kids and was a handful for awhile.

We took the kids for shaved ice afterwards and then hung out and enjoyed the rest of the day.I had barely slept so was so tired ended up not sleeping at all again.

Thursday we had our zip lining tour kits of fun Brandon got to zip line too which was a first for him. Friday I took Brandon Para-Sailing which was a first for both of us and so much fun.

I needed a rest so relaxed until it was time to get ready for our luau. So much fun great food and show kids loved it. Savannah danced onstage and continued to dance the whole night.

Saturday we played by the pool until time to leave got some dinner and boarded our flight what a long night only the kids slept.We arrived home the next morning and we all went to bed.

Brandon later hung out with his buddy at the mall.Once we picked him up we all went to dinner I had horrible cramps just wanted midol and a bath.

Unfortunately today my husband had tho back to June Lake for work. This time for 45 days πŸ˜‚. Before he left we took Savannah to school picked up our dog Charly and had some coffee.

My daughters sweet friend we wore our shirts and checkered shoes for this Tru- Hero today please keep him I your prayers underwent a 12-16 hour surgery today and we’ve been praying for him. No news yet he will be sedated for awhile we heard I pray this surgery was a total success. No child should have to battle cancer it breaks my heart. But this guy is so strong and brave and he’s a inspiration time and my daughter good vibes only.

Savannah had swim lessons again after school today and then Brandon had football practice but got sent home because of missing items on paperwork so will go tomorrow.

I was cleaning, dropped off an overload of dry cleaning that built up last few months.Got grocery essentials and did many loads of laundry. Watched some of recorded shows I missed while on vacation.

Made a delicious lasagna and chocolate chip cookies tonight. Cuddled with my sweet girl until she fell asleep.

Now I am so tired hope everyone had a good Monday ! Goodnight πŸ˜΄πŸ’€