August 22, 2020

This week my son started high school via distance learning. Which is such shame but it went pretty well. My daughter doesn’t start her distance learning until next week nutty way to start kindergarten. Hoping that the kids get to have on campus learning in the near future. Been a hectic few weeks lots goingContinue reading “August 22, 2020”

July 31, 2020

We have had a decent month Savannah enjoyed going to camp each week she had her last day of camp today. We had hoped she would be going to school that was the plan even as of a week ago. But now we found out the Kindergarten and pre school will be doing distance learningContinue reading “July 31, 2020”

June 6, 2020

Now that kids have had their drive through graduations 🎓 distance learning has ended. We have been seeing things open up which is so nice. Still wearing masks and have been on an evening curfew since riots and protests started this past week. For our children’s graduations we celebrated just the four of us tookContinue reading “June 6, 2020”

May 16, 2020

Can’t believe we’ve already done nine weeks in quarantine and heading into week ten. Kids have done great even though I know they are so over not seeing friends and family. They miss their friends, sports and activities and school. My son has been working hard at home distance learning. I’ve been keeping busy withContinue reading “May 16, 2020”