January 05, 2019

Today it was very cold the kids and I stayed in most of the day but we did go out to pick up dry cleaning drop off hangers and get my gas tank filled up.

We got some food and headed home for lunch and then played with Savannah until we both passed out for a nap.

My large oven is still not working right so cooked shrimp and angel hair on stove and cookies in our smaller oven.

We watched Sing and Moana and Savannah on dance show for us. I got in another Peloton ride and a cool down ride.

Still stress with a few things up in the air with our business and home but I believe that my husband has it all under control and we are happy he’s heading home tomorrow.

I’ve been drinking a lot more water and added a glass of hot lemon honey water to my daily routine as well. My son has Voulenteering tomorrow at our church.

The kids are also excited to start back to school Monday and see all their friends. I’m hoping to not get called in for Jury Duty 🀞.

I still need to get second sheet sets for all our beds. I am loving having fresh lemons in my kitchen from our blooming lemon tree.

I’m way overdue for a manicure and pedicure so I will try to squeeze that in tomorrow or Monday. Charly really needs to go to the groomers as well !

Brandon is due for a haircut and I really need to book myself a hair appointment before the Gala.

Thinking the kids will enjoy some cinnamon rolls and scrambled eggs in the morning for breakfast before church.

I will get Savannah’s bag ready for Monday and make sure Brandon has all he needs for his school week.

If I don’t get stuck in Jury Duty I will be able to go to Pure Barre. We have dinner plans with my friend and her husband this week.

I need to order all my brokers license books and study materials and get this done soon. Savannah will be enjoying some fun after school activities Monday she will be taking Yoga πŸ§˜β€β™€οΈ and Tuesday Baking class Wednesday will be Dance class and Friday will be Soccer.

I want to start up Yoga again myself I’ve really missed it. I’m hoping once my bestie is done coaching Basketball we can have our weekly coffee get together.

Hopefully everyone had a wonderful Saturday I’m so sleepy 😴 Goodnight πŸ˜΄πŸŒ™πŸ’€


January 04, 2019

Today the kids and I had a coffee date in the morning. We got the car washed.Played outside it was nice.

I ate a salad for lunch and drink lots of water today. I got our closet completely organized and removed all wire hangers.

I got all our Christmas πŸŽ„ items packed away minus tree and extra large Santa. I got my 2019 planner together too.

I did a Peloton workout again tonight; and enjoyed a visit from my nephew Garret. Watched both Game Night and I feel Pretty with Brandon whole Savannah played with her new baby center which has a high chair crib sink etc so cute.

I still need to run errands tomorrow and get in a workout. Lots to organize still at home and want to bake and plan menu for next week.

Enjoying my cycling not missing Pure Barre right now but need to get back and work towards my 500 goal. Still working my way to my 100 ride goal o. My Peloton.

Bummed that once again my husband is dealing with issues at the motel he shouldn’t have to worry about this it needs to stop.

Hoping he doesn’t have to go stay up there for good when the current ones exit. That is always hard. The kids and I. Hard on him too he prefers to be here and was just about to start his Workout routine here.

I have so many goals set for me this year and hoping that my husband will be home with us the whole year and not stuck in June Lake.

Lots of babies being born in 2019 and weddings, graduations gonna be an exciting year for so many. Hope everyone enjoyed their day!

January 03, 2019

Today we all slept in after a long night. We had an easy going day. We cleaned, played.

Had nice meals and had some friends over which was great! My son went with my bestie and her kids to meet another friend of ours and her kiddos at Het air and went to dinner.

Savannah and I enjoyed some girl time together and when I got her to bed. I got in another Peloton workout.

I tried out origins calming mask today and ended my day with a nice candlelit bubble bath.

Organized my shoes shelves so both all my shoes and my husbands fit.

Let the organization begin each day a new project until this house is in order. My husband has so much on his shoulders right now he can’t seem to catch a break. Hoping something changes fast so his stress can be relieved.

Definitely adding more Peloton workouts this year and going to hit 500 club at Pure Barre. I want to get back to doing Yoga and tryout Pilates as well.

I did organize all my workout clothes into outfits although I have extra tops. I will be removing all wire hangers from closet and return to our cleaners tomorrow.

I am beat hope everyone had a fantastic day! Goodnight 😴

January 02, 2019

Well today I was able to have coffee with my bestie and our kids. I was able to get all my laundry and dishes done as well.

I got my last place setting from my neighbor/ friend today. I got dry cleaning picked up as well as dropped off.

Went to get gas couldn’t find my Shell card so didn’t get gas. Got our groceries though.

My daughter took forever to get down for a nap today. But she did nap. I had a salad for lunch. I ordered a few items with Christmas gift cards.

Watched some season 1 episodes of Big Little Lies. Was hoping to just chill have pizza and movie night with kids.

But discovered my oven was a wreck thoroughly stained and greased up from Christmas Turkey and it took hours to clean that was exhausting.

We did make pizza in my other oven but what a night of cleaning. Savannah also played in the bath forever so she got to bed really late.

I managed to get in a Peloton 45 minute ride. Felt good had been too long. I was also So pleasantly surprised when Katie came to see us bringing us some sweet belated Christmas gifts.

We have really missed her it was wonderful seeing her. I still need to get all Christmas decor packed up this week.

Hoping to get Savannah’s dolls crib put together and get her swings put up and sand in sand box before she goes back to school.

So tired hoping I get some good sleep tonight ! Hope everyone had a fantastic day! Goodnight πŸ˜΄πŸ’€

January 01, 2019

Happy New Year everyone 🍾😊 We rang in the New Year at Disney’s California Adventure this year.

It was a great experience and we’d definitely do it again. We enjoyed going on the rides some more than once.

We had lots of yummy snacks and even though it got cold and windy we had a blast. Firework show got cancelled due to high winds. But we enjoyed a Countdown dance party at Hollywood Studios in California Adventure Park.

My parents graciously watched the kids at our home and they had a great NYE together.

We enjoyed a delicious breakfast at Goofy’s Kitchen this morning and got to get some good character pictures.

Then headed home to be with our kids. We got home Sunday night December 30th from our trip to June Lake. We had lots of fun in the snow and bowling when my husband was t working. We enjoyed time with our family there and brought our nephew back to the desert with us.

Kids soaked Jeff up today as he is headed back to June Lake with our nephew tomorrow. He’s always hard at work lots to do between the motel and real estate office.

Savannah has been so into pretend play of Doctor and also dressing up in all her costumes. So we did a lot of that today and watched Little Einsteins before bed.

We all enjoyed some delicious pasta and sauce my husband made for us. Tomorrow I have lots to do. Have dry cleaning to pick up some to drop off. Lots of laundry and cleaning to do.

Make our grocery list and get those too. My friend has a package for me do pick up. Also we’re having coffee with my bestie and her kids in the morning.

I’m gonna get in a workout and plan our weekly dinner menu. Kids and I will figure out some fun activities to keep us busy.

I hope everyone had a fantastic NYE and New Years Day!