June 2022

Kids are excited for summer break today is the last day of 1sr grade for Savannah and 10th grade for Brandon. They have had a great year! Savannah is still playing Farm ball she has one last game this weekend. Brandon just got back last week from basketball camp and is ready for 🏈 football.Continue reading “June 2022”

March 2022

This month we had our 8 year wedding anniversary.We finally started having some friends over for dinner again which was nice. I definitely love Savannah’s baby clothes quilt it came out so great ❤️ I have got her room and our house spring ready gone through a lot.the boys got half the stuff out ofContinue reading “March 2022”

February 28, 2022

These are some pictures from the last part of February from about February 18 until today. I hope you enjoy 😉 My daughter got to dress up for Hero day and had a great time. We made some yummy cookies and fudge and jello for treats. My son got a mullet and everyone seems toContinue reading “February 28, 2022”

MUSD refuses to teach our children

Mammoth unified school district has put all students on 3 weeks of zoom again guess the two weeks of winter breaK wasn’t enough for them they want to sit on their asses at home for three more weeks and once we come back they will promptly take another full week off for presidents week. TheyContinue reading “MUSD refuses to teach our children”