October 02,2017Β 

My heart is sad this morning waking up to the news of the Las Vegas mass shooting was horrible. I am happy loved ones that were attending concert as well as those that live in Las Vegas are ok.

But my heart is heavy for all those people who lost their lives and those who survived but will be haunted by this tragedy. We take so much for granted each day and these types of things just shows you to be grateful for each and every breath you take.

My children are off at school and I am heading to Pure Empower. I know I will be praying for all those families and for peace in general.

I want my kids to have a safe and peaceful world to live and grow and flourish in. I don’t sleep well typically if I have stress or have watched stuff like this on news I try to avoid the news just because the negativity really is too much for me to take.

I am hoping getting a good workout in will boost my mood. Have a great Monday everyone. πŸπŸ™πŸ‘πŸŒ»πŸ˜ŽπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ


October 01, 2017

Today was a very stressful day not one of those easy Sunday’s. I didn’t get much sleep last night I woke up with my nose and theist bugging me.

My kiddos were a handful today but my son got his homework done and I hope he’s prepared for tomorrow and his week ahead. My daughter wouldn’t nap and was way cranky because of it.

I am beyond drained I took a two hour muscle soak which helped relax me but my throats and nose are still bugging me. My kids enjoyed the Chili I made for us and I gave plenty for tomorrow.

My son has his first junior high football game tomorrow it’s an away game. I hope he does well and his team brings home a win. I am bringing snacks for my daughters classroom tomorrow.

My son did his first voulenteer hours today he will be doing next two Sunday’s as well at church. We also have two runs next two Saturday’s. Possibly some at church this coming Thursday night as well.

I have Pure Empower tomorrow hope I do well even though I don’t feel 100% My floors need a deep cleaning and I need to take my car in to get repaired since someone ran into my car while I was shopping at Target last week.

I need to also make our dental appointments for me and the kids. I need to get my immune system built back up I feel run down. I don’t want to let my kids and husbands lives take over mine and make me feel bogged down and stressed.

I know as a mom I need time for me and I need to take care of me first in order to be the best wife and mother I can be. I am really hard on myself and I want to make sure I am doing better than just a good job for my kids and for my husband.

I feel so invested in them and feel so alone without a support system. I don’t want to feel that way. I guess when you live your life feeling less than it’s hard to feel stable and strong and supported.

I want to see my kids blossom and I can’t make them have the Drive the maturity organization or cleanliness or work ethic that you have and or want for them.

I need strength to find balance in my life and love everyone for who they are and not worry about what ifs as much. I had only myself to rely on for most of my childhood and majority of my 38 years.

So I think my son sees me caring and trying to help and bring strict as intrusive. I would have given anything for my parents to care as much about my education and happiness as I care for his and his sisters.

I don’t want to hover I want to find balance. My son is incredibly intelligent and has so much going for him and he doesn’t see all the potential I see in him. He has big dreams and he by all means can achieve them all but it takes hard work and I am trying to push him to do the hard work to achieve those goals and dreams.

I have strength because I had to be self reliant but that’s also wear u always struggle to feel good enough. Why wasn’t I enough for them to be there for me. Why am I a person people find unworthy of their time love nurturing.

When you have never had someone have your back no matter what it makes you feel on the defensive and hurt much easier in relationships.

My job is to make sure my kids feel safe secure loved and backed up always. I need a safe haven I need to have a protector and that’s why I pray my faith will see me through all life’s problems and obstacles.

I want to grow and flourish and I want that for my kids I never want to let my light go dark or theirs. I feel like my bright light has definitely dimmed and it’s time to let it shine again. I am working on building my self esteem and confidence in myself.

I am so exhausted I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and I wish you all a blessed week πŸπŸŒ»πŸ‘πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ˜ŠπŸ™β­οΈ

October 1,2017

Can’t sleep eventook some Tylenol Pm and haven’t had any sleep. My nose is plugged up and I am very 😴 tired. I took my husband out last night for his Birthday and we had a nice night I didn’t drink any alcohol or caffeine just water so I’m surprised I can’t sleep. 

I take my son for voulenteer hours today and if I am not too exhausted maybe I can do a Pure Barre class this morning. I need to get snack for my daughters preschool class for tomorrow. 

I also need to get poster boards for relay for life for my son to fill in before next Saturday . I want to make sure he is well prepared for all tests quizzes and school subjects fie the week. 

Proud of my daughter she used her training potty all yesterday and hopefully will today. I miss my Aunt Janne haven’t seen her since the summer. Hoping she is doing well haven’t heard any new news on how she’s doing. 

I feel so big compared to the way I looked three years ago it’s hard to not feel my best physically. I need to make dental appointments for me and kids this week. 

My son has two football games this week. It will be nice to watch him play this week. Hopefully we will get our living room set soon. I’m also hoping my husband can find a cure for his snoring in the near future. 

I am praying for some 😴 sleep. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

Hope everyone is having a great weekend πŸ‘πŸŒ»πŸπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έβ€‹

September 27, 2017Β 

Been getting over a horrible cold and have missed my Pure Barre. I was sick on my birthday and at least I am almost better. I’ve had a lot in my plate at home with the kids school, homework, voulenteer hours sports etc. 

my floors need some serious TLC I was able to clean all our bedding today and make beds get rest of laundry done including cleaning rugs. 

I didn’t make it to grocery store or dry cleaners so that is on tomorrow’s list. My son is maintaining a high GPA and hoping to pull off Straight A’s . 

I am very proud it’s a whole new level when you start junior high he has several teachers and switches classes everyday is a new schedule. He’s handling that the uniforms and homework well. 

He is needing to better organize his backpack his room is a mess. But I know he has been overwhelmed. I’ve been overwhelmed too. 

Just trying to keep a nice home clean tidy and filled with love and laughter. Trying to make sure our kids are set and have everything they need each day and evening. Getting my son and I signed up for voulenteer hours. 

Trying to make sure my husband and I hand time together and he has time to go out with friends while he’s in town. Trying to keep going on sometimes very little or no sleep at all. 

Frustrated with my stomach constantly protruding out like I am pregnant I am not loving my body. My body has significantly changed in the last three years and I don’t k ow if I will ever get back the figure I once had. 

I’m looking forward to having coffee with my bestie and our good friend Chelsea tomorrow and getting myself to a Pure Empower class as well. 

So proud of my daughter she’s been overcoming letting me go at drop off in the mornings at pre school and this morning she instigated and said goodbye mama and I leaned down hugged and kissed her said goodbye and she ran off to play. 

I enjoyed my night in with the kids my son was hard at work on his math homework we all ate well and my daughter loves Shrek she watched it for the first time tonight. 

I did get a chance Today to blow dry my hair which is huge that rarely happens. I have been breaking out a bit last couple of days I am in need of a facial. 

Have a couple of fun nights planned one tomorrow night and another Saturday night for my husbands birthday. Friday night will be fun with the kids we’re taking them to a fundraiser for our daughters school. 

Hoping for a good nights sleep tonight and lots of energy tomorrow. Goodnight everyone thanks for reading hope you have a wonderful weekπŸŒ»πŸπŸ‘πŸ€—πŸ˜΄

September 26, 2017Β 

Good morning, so I’ve been trying to get rid of a sore throats and ache ear since last Friday. Last Friday was my 38th Birthday and we went on a two night Disney Cruise 🚒 to celebrate. It was very enjoyable but did feel rushed. Look forward to doing a full week cruise with the kids this summer.

Sunday after the cruise we drove to Disneyland my husband renewed his annual pass and we enjoyed 4-5 hours of fun there before heading back home to get our kids and gear up for the week. 

Monday I actually felt worse so after we got kids off to school I put laundry and dishes on and rested had green tea and honey and medicine and rested. We had so much laundry that I was still doing it after dinner. 

I dropped off our dry cleaning and spent time with kids after school. Today I am still not 100% but have so much to do today. Trying to keep on track with kids grades and school activities voulenteer time and keeping our household running smooth. 

I need to get back to Pure Barre but feel to ache with this ear and throats hoping by Thursday I can get back. Went out had a nice hot coffee and croissant with my husband this morning. Hope everyone has a wonderful day 🌻🏑🍁

Disney Cruise Halloween on the High Seas

For my 38th Birthday my husband surprised me booking us a quick trial cruise leaving on my Birthday September 22 and ending on Sunday September 24. We’d talked about doing a Disney cruise for along time becuase I love Disney and would love to take our kids on a Disney cruise.

On this trip it was just us we arrived in San Diego and boarded the ship at 1pm. We were able to get some lunch at Cabanas which already exceeded my expectations for buffet dining. On Princess and Carnival cruises we’d been on in past the food let us down.

On this quick weekend cruise the buffet had not just junk food but all kinds of sea food, prime rib, vegetables and pastas also salads and of course still items kids would enjoy like chicken fingers.

I was under the weather that day and was able to get green tea with honey everywhere we went. The staff was incredible the ship beautiful and always clean. The elevators were much smaller than I was used to.

My husband had our cabin decorated for my Birthday and roses for me as well champagne and chocolates and  fruit basket. We had a lot to do on the ship it was deciding what to do in our limited time onboard.

We had dinner reservations at Palo so we went to the early show to see Disney Dream it was excellent a must see if you are given the opportunity.

After the show we went back to our room dressed for dinner. We absolutely loved the atmosphere the wait staff and the food was phenomenal. They started us off with a huge anti pasto spread of procuitto, beef, roasted peppers, artichokes, Parmesan cheese and more. They also had three delicious breads for us to munch on.

I had an arugula salad which was divine and a scrumptious mushroom risotto for my main course. My husband ordered the arugula salad too and had a very delicious Lobster Pappardelle. We each had a soufflΓ© for dessert I had a chocolate one and my husband an amaretto one.

We were planning on going to the Pirate Deck Party and the Disney Costume contest but instead put on our plush robes sat on our balcony enjoyed firework show and enjoyed a night in.

Day two I was exhausted wasn’t able to sleep night before so finally slept from 7 am to 9am then had some breakfast and hot tea. My husband went to a morning movie while I was resting. Then we went to our spa appointment my husband booked us a couples package called the ultimate indulgence. We started with 30 minutes in a private hot tub overlooking the ocean and then a customized massage for each of us he got a bamboo massage I got a hot stone massage then we both got a relaxing facial. Then we got twenty more minutes of time relaxing outside with ocean view hot tea and delicious fruit for us to snack on.

After that we decided to get some pizza for lunch and then walk around he ship and plan our evening. I also boooked a wax treatment for 5pm so we’d need to go back to spa then.

After my treatment we went to the shops and then to get a coffee and went to watch Cars 3 we got some popcorn of course too. That was a very cute movie. Afterwards we went to our room to clean up and we then headed to Frozen theater production which was fantastic.

After that we shopped again purchased our pictures and then realized we should have had dinner earlier and had only pizza as an option but we had a fabulous time and we now know so much more for our next cruise.

We got a good nights sleep and then got off the ship with ease Sunday morning go at back to our car and on the road.

I would highly recommend Disney Cruise to anyone I did have fun on the 3 day two nights but I prefer 7-10 Day for cruise length. But great trip I feel you only have a weekend .

September 21, 2017

Well today I was so tired didn’t get much sleep last night it’s been a sleep deprived week. My little one had a very leaky nose so I kept her home today from pre school. My husband took our son to school and I hung out with our little one.

I planned to cancel all my plans morning coffee with my bestie and Pure Smpower class and lunch with my good friend Chelsea. But my best friend Sara came by and brought me coffee and was so sweet bringing me a birthday card and Starbucks card for my birthday which is tomorrow.

My husband was nice enough to watch our daughter while I went to lunch with Chelsea. I had to pick up items from Target and since it was very windy I parked far away so no one would accidentlu ding my car doors with theirs.

When I go to out of Target I saw a shopping cart right up against the back right side of my car. Some inconsiderate bad mannered driver had put it there so I wouldn’t notice the huge dent they made in my car with theirs. Not happy at all that this is the low character society we live in.

Anyhow I didn’t let it ruin my day went home to show my husband and spend time with our daughter get kids bags packed as well as mine for the weekend . Then after my husband dropped our dog at his sitters and picked our son up from football practice.

Our kids sitter arrived and we left to dinner and a movie. We had a delicious dinner at PF Changs in Rancho Mirage, CA. Started with chicken lettuce wraps and the had a yummy spicy beef seshuan and brown rice.

We went to see The Kingsmen and it was good but a little weird but action packed throughout. I think I ate too much tonight I feel like an umpa lumpa.

So we returned home and I finished my packing put on my nightgown took some medicine for my ache throats also some turmeric and a sleep aid. Now I am going to watch a little tv and hopefully get a full nights rest.

Hope everyone had a great day and a wonderful weekπŸ™πŸŒ»πŸ‘πŸ˜΄πŸ€—

September 19, 2017Β 

Today was a pretty nice day little one woke up early and my hubby took her out front to watch her shows and give me another hours rest. I got up made her breakfast for her dressed for school and he took her. 

I was hoping she wouldn’t cry when he left like she does with me but she did. I went to my Pure Barre class which was good but I feel like I wasn’t completely there. My mind was elsewhere. 

Afterwards I stopped home then went to get a coffee and get a manicure and pedicure for my birthday. That was nice πŸ‘πŸ» Afterwards I headed home to get stuff done and later my husband picked me up and took me to The California Pizza Kitchen I had a delicious half BBQ Chicken Chopped Salad and a lemonade. 

Afterwards we went to The White House  Black Market and got two pairs of pants and a cute top and belt for my Birthday. 

When we left there we rushed over to pick up our son from school they got back an hour early. I was so excited and happy to have him home he had a great time. 

We dropped him off at home and then it was time for my husband to pick up his new glasses at lens crafters. We looked for the ones I found awhile back when I got my new prescription but we didn’t buy any that day checked two lens crafters were unsuccessful. Went to sunglass hut found the Tiffany and Company Aviator glasses I wanted so we got those and took them to put my prescription in. 

I was pleasantly surprised when they told me I could pick them up in an hour in the past I’ve waited weeks for all my glasses. 

I took my son back when I picked them up so he could try on sunglasses at the sunglasses hut show me what he likes for his birthday next month. 

When we got home we had some pizza and garlic knots and kids had some Birthday cake. I didn’t have any room tonight will eat some tomorrow. 

Hoping to get some good sleep tonight.Hope everyone is having a great week and a good nightπŸ€—πŸŒ»πŸ‘πŸ™πŸ˜΄

September 17,2017Β 

Well we had a nice weekend my husband surprised us and arrived home last night. We had dinner at home watched movies as a family. 

Today we went to get items at Target got some coffee while we were there. Our dear friends Carol and Marcus came over for a visit it was great to see them. 

We then took car to get cleaned had lunch with kids at the mall and found our Halloween costumes. We got little one down for a nap and I got laundry and dishes done. 

We had a nice dinner at home kids went swimming and we watched Sleeping Beauty before getting the kids set for bed. 

Our son leaves for his field trip tomorrow morning we got him all packed up. Our daughter has picture day at her pre school. 

I will be going to Pure Empower in the morning after dropping her off. Then I will get rest of my errands done. Maybe be able to have lunch with my friend Chelsea.

I have a busy week ahead and my Birthday is this coming Friday. Hoping to see my friends this week and have a great Birthday. 

I will get packed for our weekend trip and also get our house all cleaned up. I’d like to make an appointment to get a facial and wax at Organic Glow Skin studio. I would also like to plan a girls day soon at Miramonte Spa it’s been a very long time. 

I need to make dentist appointments for me and the kids. I am so proud of how hard my son is working and how well he is doing in his new school. I am such a proud parent my little one is learning so much too she is so strong so intelligent and loving and yes sassy but what a blessing she is to us. I am so grateful to have our wonderful kids. 

They definitely drive me crazy but being a mom is the best job ever it’s a 24/7 stressful highly emotional job but most rewarding job I will ever have. Some days I don’t get a shower in or shave my legs or get all my errands done. My house doesn’t always look perfect. But my house always feels like a home and my kids always know their loved and safe .

I want to lead by example and try to show my kids how to be genuine, loving, kind faithful and always have positivity and hope and to work hard. I make mistakes everyday but I’ve worked on being less critical of myself. 

I feel out of shape and old and wrinkly but I know I am way harder on myself than what others see. I am working on getting physically emotionally and mentally stronger everyday. 

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend have a goodnight. πŸŒ™πŸ˜΄πŸ‘πŸŒ»

Saturday September 16, 2017

Enjoying weekend so far with my kiddos so proud of my son getting nearly all A’s on all school assignments thus far all 100%s and 1 B – on a quiz. 

My kids love the pool and had fun outside today although I wish I could get my daughter to stop pooping while we’re in the pool she wears swimmer pull up but it’s always a mess to clean her up after. 

My tummy has been a little upset today but otherwise feeling great πŸ‘πŸ» I miss going to Pure Barre on weekends. I still need to take us to Target to get Savannah some Jean shorts a comb and some groceries for us. 

We’ve watched Sleeping Beauty, Dirty Dancing and The little Mermaid. We went to Starbucks this morning and my little one got a chocolate chip cookie which turned out to be. Messy choice for the car but she’s too cute. 

I want to make some more yummy treats for the kids so will get some of the missing ingredients while at target. 

My Birthday is next week and I am hoping I get a chance to celebrate with our kiddos before we go out of town. Also hoping to get to see some of my friends too. 

When I woke up this morning had a hair dilemma put sponge curlers in my hair so I could wake up and go this morning. But one side was flat and other half super curly so I had to pull my hair up guess one side most of sponges fell out during night ugh. 

I’d like to be able to get out one night a week take some cooking classes or see my friends even get in a workout with a trainer.

Later today I should take my car to get washed and get our items at target my little one needs to nap when our movie is over.

Now that it’s cooling off I want to start hiking again soon. It will be nice in a few months when we don’t need to run the air. 

I’m looking forward to seeing the finished product when our dear friend Marla finishes quilt she’s making me out of my wedding dress and bridesmaids dress. 

I also want to have her make us a quilt out of Savannahs best first year baby clothes. That will be a precious keepsake. 

Well I hope everyone is having a great weekend 😎🌻🏑