January 14, 2021

We have been so busy kids are back in school. We are preparing to sell our home so I’ve been getting our whole house packed up. I can’t believe it’s January 14, 2021 and the schools out here are still closed kids have been on zoom nearly a year. So sad for them and their education. Sad to see so many local businesses gone forever. Looking forward to our move and a new chapter. Beautiful weather today getting into mid 80s here. It will be nice to see some friends before we list the house. I am thankful I’ve had my peloton workouts throughout all of this can’t believe it’s been nearly a year since I’ve taken a pure barre class I was so close to reaching my next goal. Both our kids are very social and this isolation of not getting their sports and activities and in person school is truly heartbreaking. I am so happy for those we know who have left California and found happiness with businesses being open and schools open and life seeming to be more reminiscent of our happier normal days. I miss traveling so much I have spent all my life finding new adventures through travel. I hope that before my kids are out of the house we can take more family vacations again and explore more together. I have definitely been able to see which people are truly good people and who have not been heard from. Everything has come into a clear focus of what is important. I am hopeful for the future though I know we are not out of the woods yet.

December 25,2020

This week was busy and so different from past Christmas holidays. We still had a fantastic Christmas 🎄 it was just quieter and we missed some loved ones that are usually with us. I am very blessed to have the family I have such wonderful kids and hubby. I love my family happy I got to have my parents with us but missed my cousins. Happy I got to see my nephew and niece on Christmas Eve so sweet of them to pay us a visit. Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday 🎄🙏⛄️❄️🏠❤️🤗

December 21, 2020

Still can’t believe how close it is until Christmas Day. This is definitely going to feel different this year not having a big family group together. Having so much closed during the holidays has made me sad. But I have enjoyed time with my kids and husband and looking forward to a bright future in 2021. Hope everyone is enjoying the season no matter how different it is thus year. 😊🎄❄️🏠

December 03, 2020

The last few weeks have been so busy has more doctor appointments so have been driving back and forth to desert from June lake. Had a small family thanksgiving so different year but nice and are first one in June Lake. Been happy to be back with the family in June Lake. I hope everyone is doing well! 🙏👍🏻🤗🦃🎄🇺🇸

November 16, 2020

It’s been such a busy week been in June lake then back to desert had medical appointments and have been decorating. Getting stuff done here and back to june lake trying to get things set for holidays and also make June Lake house comfy for the kids. This has been one crazy year. Hope everyone has a wonderful week! 🤗☀️❄️🇺🇸🎄❤️🤗

November 08, 2020

So much has been going on last few weeks. Still having doctors visits each week at least down to one a week now. My youngest has been up in June lake with my hubby so she can go to in person school. Brandon’s still on zoom learning until January 19th Football conditioning never started at least for freshman which is a bummer. Had a good Halloween as a family in June lake. The driving back and forth is exhausting for me but worth it to see my little one so happy. Brandon will stay up there through end of month on our next trip up. Took down Halloween decor. I’m already getting Christmas decorations out and happy we get our Christmas lights up and tree next week. Enjoying lots of Hallmark movies. Made some yummy minestrone soup today and some pumpkin bread. Been doing a lot of cleaning as well. We have had lots of wind and rain past two days so just relaxing indoors. Brandon us enjoying the day with his grandparents. I hope everyone is having a great weekend! 😊👍🏻🙏🇺🇸

October 26, 2020

The last 10 days have been so busy. My husband was able to come into town Monday night so we got to enjoy some family time. Our son turned 14 which is so crazy how time flies by so quickly. We were able to get a family dinner in Monday night just the four of us. Tuesday my son and I went to the movies and dinner together one last time before movie theater was closed again. Also our last indoor dining for awhile. On his Birthday I was able to get Charly groomed and we took Brandon and two of his friends to the escape room and got them some burgers 🍔 afterwards. We got a dinner with us and my parents on his actual Birthday. After finding out that kids will not be back in school until end of January if that even happens. We were able to get Savannah in school up with my husband since they have been open there since after Labor Day. My son was supposed to start football conditioning in November . But that already got changed to only Varsity and a few JV players no freshman. Thankfully Brandon is close to being cleared at the doctors from our injuries endured after being hit by a huge commercial truck this summer. I am on the mend as well hoping to get cleared before 2021. We have enjoyed decorating. My daughters heart pal was so sweet and brought her such wonderful treats for Halloween 🎃. I hope she will love what we picked out for her. Savannah is doing great with her sight words and she’s getting better at reading each day. Savannah also got the chance to go horseback riding again she loves Jewel and now she got to ride Salty. Such beautiful horses feel so blessed she is able to experience this at such a young age. We gave notice at her school and at her gymnastics and we look forward to her enjoying in person school and time with her Dad. I will be doing a lot of driving back and forth. I truly hope she is able to get back to in person school out here by February. I also hope Brandon gets to do football and get back to in person school in the new year. Brandon got a teen facial on Saturday and it was great we have noticed wearing the mask has caused some breakouts around that area. Our weather shifted from very hot to cool in the morning and only hit about 70 today. I have missed my bestie and am excited to see her tomorrow. Hope everyone is doing great! 👍🏻🎃😊

October 15, 2020

Had two doctor appointments this week already and another tomorrow. So sick of them been going about three times a week since August. Also dealing with issues with the kids online classes this week and the fact that they are so frustrated as am I with them still being on full distance learning. Our restaurants and movie theaters and mall and parks and gyms are all open and the kids cannot learn in school is just ridiculous. Also the fact that there are many private schools open some since August doing great no issues but we are paying for private school for our daughter and doing the bulk of the lessons with he ourselves at home. My so is at public school so we expect he’s home until January. Today was so hectic too had all this extra work off another site we never knew about to do for our daughter it took her until 7:30pm to get it all done. Poor thing was so tired we had to skip her bath. My grocery delivery order was almost 3 hours late and missing items. My Pure barre finally opened back up but is requiring masks during workout which I doubt I could handle and I asked my doctor and he doesn’t recommend it. I have been cycling again three workouts this week so far! Little miss had to miss gymnastics tonight which is a huge bummer. We’ve been decorating for Halloween baking treats and trying to find the joy in each day. I’m still sad I didn’t get to see my Aunt Jenny again before she passed away. I also cannot believe my son will be 14 next week. Time flies by so quickly I am so sad his freshmen year has been online no football no friends no in person classes so sad. Hoping we can still make his Birthday a special day for him this year. I’m getting tired I hope everyone has had a good week! I know it’s a hard time for so many people in so many ways. 🤗🙏❤️

October 10, 2020

Well this week Jeff was in town which was nice Brandon and I had doctor appointments Monday. Jeff and I went to Coronado for a quick overnight Tuesday I got a wonderful facial at the spa at our hotel. Then we met up with Robert and Alice at our friend Ed’s restaurant 3rd corner wine and bistro in ocean beach. It was a nice evening catching up and celebrating my husbands Birthday. Wednesday we relaxed and slept in and then grabbed some brunch before heading home. We had a simple dinner at home and the. Watched the debate. Thursday was a very busy day my bestie came by in the morning. Nice catching up but I also had Gardner’s here at same time Rudy’s pest control and my groceries got delivered. All while kids were busy on zoom doing school. Jeff and I went to lunch at California Pizza Kitchen I hadn’t had a meal there since March 13 right before Quarantine. We went by Savannah’s school after our delicious lunch. We were pretty much told not much chance for kids to start back in person this year most likely January. That is awful news Savannah hates online zoom school she misses friends and having interaction with her teacher. I will still hold out hope that she gets good news and gets to start sooner than later. After that we went to Costco got our groceries then quickly put them away and got Savannah ready for gymnastics. Then we picked up Brandon and took the kids to P.F. Chang’s for dinner. Jeff stopped for some yogurt and then we headed home relaxed and got kids and ourselves ready for bed. Friday morning I had another doctors appointment. Afterwards I picked up kids and took them to Starbucks. Jeff came back just before lunch and got the Halloween decorations out for me so I could decorate. My CV Harvest box arrived with some delicious fruits and veggies. The kids and I had lunch after Jeff left for June lake. We had a nice afternoon. I made us some Italian wedding soup and also some large baked meatballs to save for dinner. Today we got up had breakfast and went to Starbucks. Got Savannah ready for gymnastics. Took her she did great had fun as usual. I took the kids to in n out for lunch . Started laundry and relaxed and enjoyed time with the kids. We decorated pumpkins 🎃 and I made us some chicken, green beans and French fries for dinner also had some arugula salad and pumpkin pie for dessert. We watched some Disney Halloween cartoons tonight and then all cleaned up for bed. Found out my Pure Barre will start classes back this week but right now mask wearing is required during workouts. I know I can’t handle that as just going through Costco with mask I am out I’m out Of breathe. So I’m going to wait until we don’t need to wear mask during workout just upon entry and exit. Hopefully soon 🤞. I’ve missed working out in person. My son is almost 14 his Birthday is coming up . I’ve been enjoying a new book and sleeping well each night. Hope everyone is having a great weekend ! 😊🎃🙏🏠

October 3, 2020

So much has gone on last few weeks. Kids have been busy on zoom we are hoping for them to get back to school at least on a hybrid schedule soon! Looks like Brandon won’t be able to go in person until after Christmas break. Savannah hopefully will be back by November 9. I turned 41 had celebrations with my hubby with our kids with my parents and with two of my besties. I got Savannah another stitch fix box and she loved everything. Last week restaurants and beauty businesses were starting to open up. I was able to get a facial this week. Got my eyebrows waxed they so needed it. I also got a pedicure felt so good. Brandon and I have also been able to go to the movies we saw Tenet which was a great movie. Then today we saw Unhinged it was a bit scary for my taste but I would still say a good movie. My sweet girl has been enjoying time with her Daddy miss her but they are having fun together she celebrated his Birthday with him. We will have to celebrate as a family when they return. I was happy we had a little visit with my niece Trista. Today we also enjoyed watching Alabama Vs Texas game my nephew just started college in Alabama this fall. Been working out more and cooking as healthy as I can but still enjoying some delicious food out now that restaurants are opening up. I’ve been getting veggies fruits and other tasty treats through CV Harvest each week as well as imperfect foods. My neck still causes me some pain but on the mend still weekly doctor visits. I am sad that my Aunt Jenny passed and we weren’t able to see her. She was an amazing woman and I love her so much and will miss her dearly. We snuck down to my dads house in Rosarito for a night so I could do him a favor with stuff for the trust. Been enjoying lots of HGTV shows lately. I hope everyone is doing well! Happy October and have a goodnight 😴💤🌙😘 👍🏻🙏🎃🍿