October 10, 2020

Well this week Jeff was in town which was nice Brandon and I had doctor appointments Monday. Jeff and I went to Coronado for a quick overnight Tuesday I got a wonderful facial at the spa at our hotel. Then we met up with Robert and Alice at our friend Ed’s restaurant 3rd corner wine and bistro in ocean beach. It was a nice evening catching up and celebrating my husbands Birthday. Wednesday we relaxed and slept in and then grabbed some brunch before heading home. We had a simple dinner at home and the. Watched the debate. Thursday was a very busy day my bestie came by in the morning. Nice catching up but I also had Gardner’s here at same time Rudy’s pest control and my groceries got delivered. All while kids were busy on zoom doing school. Jeff and I went to lunch at California Pizza Kitchen I hadn’t had a meal there since March 13 right before Quarantine. We went by Savannah’s school after our delicious lunch. We were pretty much told not much chance for kids to start back in person this year most likely January. That is awful news Savannah hates online zoom school she misses friends and having interaction with her teacher. I will still hold out hope that she gets good news and gets to start sooner than later. After that we went to Costco got our groceries then quickly put them away and got Savannah ready for gymnastics. Then we picked up Brandon and took the kids to P.F. Chang’s for dinner. Jeff stopped for some yogurt and then we headed home relaxed and got kids and ourselves ready for bed. Friday morning I had another doctors appointment. Afterwards I picked up kids and took them to Starbucks. Jeff came back just before lunch and got the Halloween decorations out for me so I could decorate. My CV Harvest box arrived with some delicious fruits and veggies. The kids and I had lunch after Jeff left for June lake. We had a nice afternoon. I made us some Italian wedding soup and also some large baked meatballs to save for dinner. Today we got up had breakfast and went to Starbucks. Got Savannah ready for gymnastics. Took her she did great had fun as usual. I took the kids to in n out for lunch . Started laundry and relaxed and enjoyed time with the kids. We decorated pumpkins 🎃 and I made us some chicken, green beans and French fries for dinner also had some arugula salad and pumpkin pie for dessert. We watched some Disney Halloween cartoons tonight and then all cleaned up for bed. Found out my Pure Barre will start classes back this week but right now mask wearing is required during workouts. I know I can’t handle that as just going through Costco with mask I am out I’m out Of breathe. So I’m going to wait until we don’t need to wear mask during workout just upon entry and exit. Hopefully soon 🤞. I’ve missed working out in person. My son is almost 14 his Birthday is coming up . I’ve been enjoying a new book and sleeping well each night. Hope everyone is having a great weekend ! 😊🎃🙏🏠

October 3, 2020

So much has gone on last few weeks. Kids have been busy on zoom we are hoping for them to get back to school at least on a hybrid schedule soon! Looks like Brandon won’t be able to go in person until after Christmas break. Savannah hopefully will be back by November 9. I turned 41 had celebrations with my hubby with our kids with my parents and with two of my besties. I got Savannah another stitch fix box and she loved everything. Last week restaurants and beauty businesses were starting to open up. I was able to get a facial this week. Got my eyebrows waxed they so needed it. I also got a pedicure felt so good. Brandon and I have also been able to go to the movies we saw Tenet which was a great movie. Then today we saw Unhinged it was a bit scary for my taste but I would still say a good movie. My sweet girl has been enjoying time with her Daddy miss her but they are having fun together she celebrated his Birthday with him. We will have to celebrate as a family when they return. I was happy we had a little visit with my niece Trista. Today we also enjoyed watching Alabama Vs Texas game my nephew just started college in Alabama this fall. Been working out more and cooking as healthy as I can but still enjoying some delicious food out now that restaurants are opening up. I’ve been getting veggies fruits and other tasty treats through CV Harvest each week as well as imperfect foods. My neck still causes me some pain but on the mend still weekly doctor visits. I am sad that my Aunt Jenny passed and we weren’t able to see her. She was an amazing woman and I love her so much and will miss her dearly. We snuck down to my dads house in Rosarito for a night so I could do him a favor with stuff for the trust. Been enjoying lots of HGTV shows lately. I hope everyone is doing well! Happy October and have a goodnight 😴💤🌙😘 👍🏻🙏🎃🍿


Today I am missing my Aunt Janne she passed away and is always in my heart. Today is her Birthday so I am still wishing her a happy Birthday in Heaven. She had so much life in her she was fun and feisty and had a great since of adventure and strength. She shares her Birthday with my cousin who I hope is having a fantastic day today! I am lucky that at least when we lost her you were still able to get together and celebrate your loved ones life. I know many people have been unable to do that since COVID-19. Hope everyone has a great day! Remember to hug the ones you love a little tighter and know you never know how soon you may lose them.

August 22, 2020

This week my son started high school via distance learning. Which is such shame but it went pretty well. My daughter doesn’t start her distance learning until next week nutty way to start kindergarten. Hoping that the kids get to have on campus learning in the near future. Been a hectic few weeks lots going on waiting for things to get back to normal. I don’t think it’s been good for kids to be stuck at home and not have social interaction. They are both great kids but they miss sports and school in person and friends and going to movies and restaurants and to do fun outings. I pray each night and day that things get better soon so everyone can have the freedom to enjoy those things once again. It’s also hard when families don’t get any time to just be on their own or with their pals. I hope everyone is doing well and hanging in there. I am really starting to struggle with making sure my family is happy. My kids and I all want to have our normal outings and social time. I do know when we get to have those simple things that we’ve lost last 6 months we will appreciate them more than we ever have.

July 31, 2020

We have had a decent month Savannah enjoyed going to camp each week she had her last day of camp today. We had hoped she would be going to school that was the plan even as of a week ago. But now we found out the Kindergarten and pre school will be doing distance learning as well. I don’t know how this is going to work for these very young children. I’m praying the kids get back to regular school very soon. We have enjoyed time in our pool and Brandon enjoyed almost two weeks in Coronado with his buddies family. I was so happy he got a break from the heat and had some time with his friend. Unfortunately it looks as if now that both kids will be doing distance learning for start of school year which is such a bummer especially since such big transition years Brandon is starting high school and Savannah is starting kinder. This is going to be hard to figure out my schedule as well since I am supposed to be online with my daughter whole time they have her doing distance learning. On the brighter side we have all been keeping busy and enjoying as much time together as we can. Seeing so many places shutdown and closed is not a good feeling. I want to see things open back up and our children have a real in person education again. I want all my friends who own businesses to be able to work again and not have their businesses shut down creating such hardships for them and all their employees. I am definitely meditating more doing my best to stay active and get my workouts in. I am doing my best to keep the faith have faith in God that things will be better soon🙏 I am finding that looking for things to be grateful for each morning and night give me peace. I have always been a positive person but I definitely work harder these days and make sure I find the joy in each day no matter the uncertainty. I have been reading a lot as well 📚. We miss my hubby and will definitely have to spend some time in June Lake soon so we can all be together. I hope that all of you have been able to find the joy and have some peace. 🙏😊😘🤗