June 18, 2021

Have been so crazy here we had Savannah’s last tee ball game kids finished up school. We had snow night of tee ball game and Savannah got a little cold and my ear was killing ,e for a few days then Monday I went to ER because my right side went numb day before found out I have Bell’s Palsy.So I’ve been adjusting to that my sons girlfriend had her sweet sixteen birthday and my beautiful niece turned 18. Using my Lumen has been a challenge since my right side is paralyzed but I’m managing to get morning reading each day just not rest of day.I haven’t been on my peloton bike in a week been doing meditations. It’s getting closer to the close of escrow on our new home. We have kids set at their new schools. My son has been so mature working two jobs keeping busy working for us full time and two days a week at our local tiger bar cafe. We recently watched “Cruella” movie it was great! We also watched “ Raya” movie and enjoyed that one too. Didn’t enjoy the heights but maybe because at home maybe needed to watch in theater my bestie loved it and her and her hubby went to theater to watch it. I have a follow up appointment at the doctors next week and our dog charly has his follow up appointment at the vet next week as well he’s had skin issues. I’m hoping to be doing good enough to drive me and kids to desert at end of month as I have Savannah’s dentist appointment and also my hair and waxing appointments. Been waiting on gold sheep workout clothes I ordered over memorial weekend haven’t got it yet.We have Disney trip planned for Savannah’s birthday we haven’t been in so long so that will be so great hope my face has some relief by then. I need to find an alterations place to get some pants hemmed and a dress repaired. I am looking forward to football starting up for Brandon soon. He has missed it so much and I have missed watching him play. We will sign Savannah up for swim lessons hopefully camp too and soccer sign ups are after her Birthday. Still insecure about how my face looks especially when talking and trying to smile but hopefully this will not last more than weeks! But I know it can last months or years. It’s been warm enough that I truly miss having air conditioning. I haven’t driven since my diagnosis because I was having blurry vision and dizziness but that is getting better so hoping to be driving again soon. My sense of taste is nearly 100% gone but I can taste some things. I have to watch what I’m eating it’s harder to chew but I’m learning. I finished up one of the medications they gave me today the other one will last until Monday. I miss getting out and exercising but I’m able to do more around house now so will be back at it again soon.I need to get kids and us a local dentist and get myself set with a primary doctor out here. We still need to order our appliances and kids bedroom sets for new house.get our wood shutters ordered and buy paint and Savannah’s murals for her playroom. Still waiting on insurance settlement to come through as well looks like won’t hear anything else for about a month. My neck has been sore but I’ve had so much stress lately and haven’t had an adjustment in months. Savannah is enjoying playing and watching movies with her friend Pascal today. I know it will be so nutty getting us moved in getting kids set for school and sports and Savannah’s 6th Birthday. My nails haven’t been done since end of may when we were in desert for funeral they are in need of a fill majorly but I haven’t found a local place that does nails so it’s driving to Reno 3 hours away or to desert 7 hours away. Makes me consider taking them off. I made a facial appointment for tomorrow left note for them that my right side is paralyzed and I can’t shut right eye so she can work around that. We will take my hubby out to Father’s Day dinner on Sunday. I hope everyone has had a great week!🤩🙏🏻❤️🧘🏼‍♂️🍿😎❄️

June 6, 2021

We have had a busy couple of weeks Brandon had his finals and we have had tee ball games. Kids went on hikes at school last week. We got Brandon all set for his first prom. Kids and hubby got haircuts. Got charly groomed then took him to vet to get some relief for his skin allergies. The kids went to prom last night they looked great and had a fun night. I’ve been keeping up with using my Lumen and working out.trying to increase my metabolism and get in better shape.Gerting ready for summer break and our move.Hope everyone has had a nice weekend!❤️🤩🌻🧘🏼‍♂️😎

May 25, 2021

Silly cutie 🥰
Trying on Tee ball gear
Team Hat
Picture ready
Savannah and her coach
First Lumen 2 week score not shocked that my metabolism needs some help
First two weeks with my Lumen
❤️ this workout top
Reached 400 on peloton cycle 🙌

Sunday we had a nice day Savannah and I had a girls day until we all took her too Tee Ball pictures and to meet her team. Nice kids great coach nice parents one even let Savannah borrow their jersey for individual pictures since she didn’t have one. We took the kids to Starbucks afterwards then went bowling as a family. Monday she had her first game we were so proud of her ❤️ she had me my hubby her brother his girlfriend her aunt Lori and Robert and Alice cheering her on. I reached 400 on peloton cycle and I hit my first two week mark using my Lumen. Hope everyone is having a great week so far !😊🥰🤩🙏🏻🧘🏼‍♂️🌻

May 22, 2021

So in the past week and a half a lot has happened. Brandon has been working for us at our motel he’s been doing a great job. My Uncle Mike’s funeral was held at the Veterans National Cemetery in Riverside. We finally went into escrow on our new home which is great. Savannah had a few kids being cruel to her but we got that straightened out. I am at 399 on my peloton cycle looking forward to hitting my 400th ride. I’ve been using my Lumen for almost two weeks now and will get my first full read out after the two week mark. My neck has been sore again on and off I miss having my chiropractor nearby. We took Brandon to get fitted for his Prom tuxedo which was nice 👍We got snow the night of may 20th and all day May 21st. My niece graduated high school so proud of her and is going to SMU this fall. I got to see my bestie while I was in the desert which was nice.

Elsa jammies
Cute workout outfit
Got my Lumen Device 🙌
Anna jammies
New workout top
New workout outfit
New workout shirt
New princess jammies
Cute workout tank and workout pants
Our drive to the desert love my Tommy Bahamas t shirt and love my cozy lavender cardigan
Fresh manicure and pedicure we can’t get this done where I live I end up driving minimum of six hours round trip so excited I could get them done while in desert
My husband and I were able to see the movie 🍿 “profile’”while in desert after a delicious dinner at The Fix
Our sweet girl crashed out enjoying time with her Aunt
My bestie and me having a long overdue girls day poolside at Miramonte hotel and spa got a cabana for the day was well worth it
Delicious Cobb salad
Ready for a dinner date with my hubby love my lily pulitzer dress. We had dinner at Cork &Fork one of my favorite restaurants in the desert it was very windy when we sat on patio that night so glad I had on long sleeves but delicious amazing food as always. We got in a visit with ,y parents and my cousin Robby after dinner I was able to bring my mom her Mother’s Day roses and gifts .
Driving to Uncle Mike’s funeral
We also visited my husbands parents gravesite while we were there.
We also visited my grandfathers gravestone as well.
Ready for last dinner date with my hubby at Cuistot before we head back home it was such a delicious meal I had rack of lamb for entree started with an avocado and goat cheese fan. Ended with a yummy sundae.
My husband had this tasty peach cobbler for dessert
Driving back to June Lake found out our little one had a rough day at school
Savannah having fun while with her aunt
Kids having fun with their aunt
New workout Top
Cute leopard workout set
Front of new pure barre Maui tank
So cute thus is back of my pure barre Maui tank ❤️
Brandon getting fitted for prom tux
Prom tux fitting
Snow may 21
Love this new workout top
Cute Flamingo workout pants
New septor and Disney jammies
Saturday trip to Starbucks look at this cute unicorn 🦄 cake pop

May 09,2021

I had a wonderful weekend with my family and a terrific Mother’s Day. We took the kids bowling Friday evening and Saturday we had a nice day together as well watched movies at home took walks. Did some legos with Savannah. I got some nice things in the mail new peloton shirt and scrunches which I love always great quality items when I shop peloton apparel and accessories. I Also received a new weekend edit from Wantable I will post a review and pictures later this week. I also ordered great sweatshirt and t shirt from Versed . Will post pictures and review soon as well. A bra and panty set from Birdiebee as well.the last item I got which I’m excited to open and start using so I can review after a week or two of use is the lumen metabolism tracker.So our house did officially close escrow in the desert so hoping we can find something and make an offer out here on a new home. My Mother’s Day started out great I slept in until 8:30 am my son made me breakfast which was delicious eggs and bacon and my green tea. Later my husband took us for lunch and I had a delicious garden salad with grilled chicken and avocado at eagles landing.Then Jeff signed us up for family plan at fitness center. I was signed in for,y spa time maybe too early since no steam room or spa use allowed right now. My massage was ok not best but always nice to have a massage. Then I had an hour before my facial. Pat was my esthetician and she was phenomenal very knowledgeable and friendly and it was a wonder experience I felt pampered head to toe I even got paraffin for hands and feet and massage.I will definitely book another facial with Pat. My skin looks fantastic. Afterwards my hubby took us bowling and we enjoyed some more family time. I have had some terrible cramps last two days so craved some sweets and my husband got me chocolate donuts and midol. I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend especially all the mothers out there. 😊🤩❤️🙏🏻🌻🌹🍩

May, 02 2021

Today it was chilly here which I’m getting used to for spring I’m used to 90 degree weather and hotter this time of year.Savannah and I enjoyed a girls day went to lunch and the park and Starbucks. We played chef while watching “Beat Bobby Flay” shows. My hubby was working all day but we all had a nice dinner at home together. Our son took his girlfriend out to lunch and spent time with her and some friends this afternoon. Our charly pup looks great we got him freshly groomed yesterday. Still on the hunt for a great house that will work for us our house is finally closing this week later than scheduled. Also been talking to builder if we need to go that route. Injustice want us to get in a great house that we can all actually unpack all our boxes put our furniture in that’s stored and feeling normal and stable again. It’s beautiful out here but the price point is ridiculous you just don’t get homes that are nice or with a lot of sq footage unless your spending well over a million dollars which is not our price point. I’m happy we are back under one roof it’s just very tight conditions until we get ourselves into a new home. Proud of my daughter she’s a champ on the monkey bars so strong kept going back and forth across them over and over again. Sad over the loss of my uncle we will honor him with a service later this month. Since last year in February I’ve lost two aunts and now an uncle it’s a huge bummer and makes me appreciate ha in my parents around even more than before. My kids need some more stability happy they are in person school but my sons current school doesn’t have a football team another reason I’m determined to get house soon in district of school that does they wouldn’t let him do a transfer😂. But he is enjoying school and so is my daughter. Looking forward to getting her in some activities again she misses dance and gymnastics and swimming and horseback riding. I miss my best friend everyday. Miss the great restaurants and having convenience of targets great shopping and so much else close by. But once again I love how beautiful it is here and peaceful. I’d love to be able to find a spot to practice yoga again and mask free can’t imagine doing my deep breathing in a mask. Saw my first bear the night we got bs k from Hawaii. Have heard them many times but never had one right in front of me .I haven’t hiked again yet as everyone is warning me of mountain lion that’s lurking about and I don’t feel comfortable hiking alone right now. Started my walks with Charly again now that snow has melted.I have been getting back to exercising every day at least Monday to Friday. Been doing good with what I eat at home but still having French fries when I go out and had a margarita when we went out Friday night. I’m hoping to see things continue to open up ore we went bowling Friday I can’t remember how long it had been since we were able to go last. I also hope that by time kids start back to school in fall o more masks at school. My daughter is r and all the teachers in district had first vaccine before kids came bs k from winter break and second two weeks after and these young kids still required to wear masks. I know it’s mainly the red states that have stopped mask mandate and I’m in California so I won’t be shocked if we are last to lift some of these restrictions. My husband’s already had both vaccines I just haven’t seen any benefit he gets from going through that other than as a safety precaution being he’s over 50. I felt very blessed to actually travel to Hawaii after not going anywhere since March 2020. I was in Toronto just days before the storm broke at home. I miss all the social interactions I had back before all this. Well I’m getting tired so gonna wrap this up. I thank you for reading and hope everyone has. Great week! 😊❤️😎🍟

March 06, 2020

Our desert home is still on the market. I had to drive there to pull Brandon out of school because his football team was starting conditioning. It’s very stressful to not have that house sold and have to yank my kid out of school knowing the homes we liked up here in our price range have all sold one sold the second night we pulled him out of school the kids really loved that house so I felt so sad foe my son as I don’t know what we will end up in. 90% off my things are in boxes in our conference room and in back of trailer still. It’s so hard not being able to get me and the kids settled. I wouldn’t be worried if we were going to eat least have all the money from our house selling but other than money owed to bank we will only have half. When we got back in town I was told the restaurant across the street burned down it’s literally now just one place here to get take out now since too cold for outdoor dining. I’m glad I was able to take Brandon out to eat a few times while in desert. But unfortunately with short notice of our trip I couldn’t get in to get a facial a massage or anything. We spent all day out of our home to let people come see it but we got to sleep in our beds and at least have nice bath before bed etc. the house is nice but one neighbor in particular has old furniture in their roof and parts and old cars out on street and filling driveway another has old mattresses out etc really doesn’t help someone want to live on our street. I pray every day and night that we can actually have a house to move into here soon and that won’t be smaller and not as nice as the one we are selling. I want my kids to be settled in and happy. My daughter enjoyed snow boarding I’d like to get her up snow boarding each week. Brandon it would be nice to see him be able to go up skiing as well he’s been working so hard and he has had things really turned upside down for him. There is a house we all love but it’s out of our price range nothing fancy it’s all original 90s basic white counters black appliances nothing high end. But it’s got enough space that we don’t have to give up any of our furniture and it’s in a great neighborhood and it just has good bones wonderful layout I could picture us growing old there and it being our forever home. Only other home that’s on market that my husband would consider the rooms are tiny compared to out home now and all on same floor and no privacy no private bathrooms . Kitchen is tiny no way to increase size of it no room for our peloton and weight bench etc and I don’t see room for play-set for our daughter. We promised her when leaving our home since hers was left behind. We decided to move here to all be together hopefully in an actual house and not stuck in this limbo with our whole life packed away in boxes forever. I almost forgot I thankfully got to spend the day with my bestie Monday which was fantastic. I miss her everyday I have to trust God has a plan for us and that we will be a home we will love. Hope everyone is doing well! 🙏😊❄️🤗😂🏠

February 14, 2021

So we have been so busy we got rest of work done on our desert home and got it listed. We drove up to our June Lake home which will be temporary since only 2 bedrooms almost all our stuff is stored right now. So nice being able to be all under one roof every night take Savannah to school each day 😊 Brandon is doing great still with all A’s and a B fir school. We have enjoyed being up in the beautiful snowy weather up here. We took it easy fir valentines had a family dinner at home. I’ve been getting in my peloton workouts at least. I am hoping we can get desert home sold quickly so we can get into our forever home up here and get settled in. Savannah and I got our haircuts and we are loving them. Savannah lost her first tooth 🦷 such a big deal for my sweet girl. Hope everyone is having a great day ! ❤️😊❄️🏡🦷