Tuscan Flair 

For lunch today I tried this Hillshire Snacking small plate pack sold at my local super market. 

It’s truly the most delicious delightful light lunch I’ve purchase in a pack at grocery store. 

It included Barrel Smoked Chicken Breast, Monterey Jack Cheese With Garlic And Herbs Amaretto Flavored Chocolate Covered Almonds& Rosemary & Olive Oil Flavored Crisps. 

I will definitely try more snacking packs by Hillshire. 


June 21, 2017

Today I got a lot done and a little more got done with our remodel. My son went away on a boys trip with my dad so I had a nice girls night with my little girl and my best friend. That was very nice 😊 I am signed up for Pure Barre  tomorrow and Friday. I got my floor mopped which was so dirty since of all our home renovations going on.

I am in need of exercise but have been eating healthy at least. I need to get all my paperwork done tomorrow  I also need to see what is left to be organized in kids rooms. My room and closet as well.

I am hoping I can unpack kitchen items tomorrow night or Friday and finally get my kitchen in order. I know I won’t have my pantry yet but I am counting the days. 🙏

Have a goodnight 😴

Latest Renovation Progress

Kitchen backsplash in just needs grout. Laundry room painted paint  around fireplace. Tv up above my master bathtub and they are working on fixing tile in pantry and hopefully will finish my pantry soon. Waiting for glass inserts for upper cabinets in kitchen. Need my pot filler hooked up by the plumber and still awaiting our bathtub faucet. Our powder room still needs to be completed too. My floors have been insanely dirty. So I was happy that even though tired I mopped the whole house which is wall to wall tile zero carpet tonight after my little one went to sleep. The floor was so dirty the socks I wore left footprints on my white bath rugs

Thought that was pretty 😂 funny. Stay tuned and thanks for reading.

Rise &Shine 🌻

My little one went to bed later than her bedtime last night because we had some friends over. Instead of sleeping in she woke me up before 5am. 

This momma is tired 😴. My ear that’s been sore Long with my throats all week is now messing with my equilibrium I’ve been feeling dizzy since last night. 

I am hoping today I can get all my errands done and my laundry at moms house since no washer and dryer st our house yet. 

Contractor said our backsplash would be finished in kitchen today. Also I am hoping kitchen pantry and laundry so I can finish unpacking out things and fully move us in and get organized. 

I need to eat some breakfast this morning and I need to clean floors. My car is in desperate need of a bath.  Why do are gardners come at 6:30 am no going to have to update the time they come. 

I am going to power through my day even though I so want to curl up and go back to bed. At least all the workers are here getting out Remodel done. 

I got lots of errands done ✅ Still need to get car cleaned get groceries and pick up my laundry. But at least I dropped my little one off at daycare. Bought Brandons summer book from Sacred Heart School still need to get him another off summer list. I went to Bed Bath and Beyond and got some household organizers and items. 

Had a lean cuisine for lunch and dropped dry cleaning off. Got my car filled up with gas. More unpacking cleaning and organizing to do at home. I ordered label for pantry as well as labels for pantry containers. 

My son went out of town with my dad on a boys trip. So will be just us girls next couple of days. I am planning on going to my Pure Barre classes next couple of days. 

I miss my husband already while he’s away for work. But at least he should be home this weekend. 

Also hoping he’s able to pick up our new washer and dryer this weekend on his way home. 

Need to get back to my busy day. Thanks for reading🏡🌻

Renovation Progress 

Today’s progress microwave trim done. Prep for paint color above fireplace done. Flat screen hung up above master bath 🛀✅ Tomorrow they are supposed to finish up kitchen back splash. Hoping guest powder room will be finished this week and my walk in pantry as well. I haven’t been able to unpack any of our kitchen and pantry items. We’re going to install a doggy door for our pup Charly. Also we are getting a pool safety gate. Putting medicine cabinets in master bathroom and mirrors above our sink. It will be nice when we can hang up all our frames out in main living space as well as get our entry light and dining room light in. Well I will post tomorrow’s progress thanks for reading. 

May 15, 2017

Well I got the kids off to school and daycare. I am getting laundry and dishes done. I made some hard boiled eggs so that we have another healthy snack and breakfast choice. I am going to pack up my car with all my accessories and winter clothes to go organize my master closet. I want to try to get the kids closets together as well today. I am hoping the paint and electrical can be done by next week. I also hope cabinets counters and pantry and laundry room can be done in next two weeks. We move in 17 days it’s nuts we have so much left to do.

March 20, 2017 

Well another beautiful day here in Palm Desert. Had a great workout at Pure Barre. Spent day with my daughter and then got great news that my son will be attending Sacred Heart School next fall for junior high. Picked him up got us some coffees and playing outside with my little one now 😀Also got the great news that his football coach has the same group of boys together again this season 🏈. Got my latest Martha & Marley Spoon meal box this week three new meals to cook. I am very sore from my workout but need to power through and go everyday this week and on weekend. I am seeing muscles 💪🏻 in my arms and my thighs and ass are getting firmer and stronger. My stomach is getting a great workout but it will take some time to correct the diatasis recti and get a firm flat tummy again. Countdown until our wedding anniversary and our anniversary trip. Next Tuesday is our three year anniversary married three together for six years. Awaiting  arrival of packages from Old Navy got my son some socks and flip flops. Also awaiting Adore Me  order got a undergarment and a swimsuit. Fabletics outfit hasn’t arrived yet and kids Easter items from Personal Creations were waiting on. 

Trunk Club Review 

I decided to try Trunk Club as being a Nordstrom company they would have more high end brands and styles. I have been doing Stitch Fix box for a year and wanted to try something new. 

One plus was that your stylist and you thoroughly communicate in real time text messages love that. You see their picture they listen to what you want  and ask good questions. 

They put pictures up within 24 hours of 10 items they chose for you. I Stitch Fix sends five items and you don’t know what’s coming until about two days before arrival. 

I was dissatisfied with a mishap after I de selected four items out of ten which I thought was great. They somehow did not send two outfits I selected only sent three pairs of shoes and a bag. 

They said they were sorry that they are supposed to send all your selections and add more so you have 10 in your trunk. 

Plus is the trunk is super cute and it arrives quickly. You also schedule a UPS pick up for any return items which makes it easy no hassle to return. 

What I don’t like is I have returned items and still haven’t been charged for items I kept. I like that you see full amount plus discount etc with Stitch Fix. 

I am going to use this service again but I am hoping they will send me a full 10 items when I do. I will post pictures below of the two fantastic items I kept and the box it arrives in. 

Body Image

In the last five years my body has changed quite a bit. The first changes I noticed in fall of 2013 I was working a lot and started gaining weight. It hit 118 which at the time was super heavy for me 113 was heaviest I’d ever been other than during my pregnancy. Then I got engaged and really didn’t pay attention to the scale until right before  honeymoon everything fit right and I felt I had ballooned out. I was 136 pounds during that time in 2014. I never got lower than 130 and then November of 2014 we found out we were pregnant with my daughter. So I clearly gained weight as I should would with my pregnancy.

I noticed my thighs, butt and boobs doubling in size during pregnancy. I assumed I would drop all weight after I gave birth. My first pregnancy I weighed 142 on delivery day and when I came home from hospital a week later weighed 118 and only had ten pounds to lose which I lost fairly quick.

This time I was older and actually gained 20 pounds in water weight at hospital after my c section they said I had edema. I assumed though once home and breastfeeding I’d start losing.

I did lose that extra tenth of water in a couple of weeks but then was stuck in 140s and when I did get to 130s it was mid and high and rarely under 132.

Ive been exercising and watching what I eat wearing a waist trainer but still weigh between 135-140. I am not very tall and my build I would say is petite but I feel my body structure has changed.

I have belly fat and weak abs but also arm flab back flab and neck and chin fat even. I want to be happy with my body and feel good about myself but I really don’t right now. I feel depressed knowing what I once was and it makes my weight loss struggle and when I feel pain and weakness during workouts deeply affect my mood and self esteem.

I want to set a great example for my kids and I want to work hard to become stronger inside and out I want to be healthy and live a very long happy healthy life .

Its definitely showing me that I have a lot of internal work to do on myself as well so I know my self worth well beyond my outward appearance.

I know I need to get to the point where I am working out everyday. Set fitness goals and work hard to achieve them.

I want my husband to be attracted to me and be proud to call me his wife . I get worried as I see my body change will he still look at me the same he did when we first fell in love 😍

Right now I know I am comparing myself to my younger self not to any other person but I need to be easier on myself and just work hard to tone my body and get more flexibility back as well. I need to stick to a routine so I do not skip meals or workouts.

I will catalog my journey thanks for reading wish me luck 🙏

June 19,2017

Today started out early 4 am had to change bed sheets and hang out with kiddo. Got back to bed around 6 and up again at 7:15. Got youngest off to daycare and then gas company came by got our gas turned on yay finally 😊🙏 they patched up our fireplace and laundry room now just need them painted. No one else came to do any work on house which was disappointing to say the least were still unable to unpack our kitchen and pantry items which makes it hard to eat at home.

But my husband worked extremely hard and got our garage cleaned out and got both our cars parked in it. He also got our mirrors put up in kids bathroom last night. Most of our pictures are hung up now in bedrooms and hallway.

Our daughters mural arrived today cannot wait until it’s up as well as my husband putting her stuffed animal zoo together. Looking forward to getting our dining room pictures hung up and items put in our hutch.

I was able to get some groceries and get my sons friend a gift and card for his birthday. Brandon had fun at the party. After picking up my little one we went swimming and had some pizza for dinner.

My throat and ear are still ache 😖 but I am taking it easy and took some medicine. I need to take my car to get cleaned and I really need to get in a workout or two or three this week.

Hoping to have my kitchen and pantry ready to put stuff in by next week. Our bathroom just needs mirrors medicine cabinets as well as tv installed above bath and bathtub faucet installed.

I will be looking for organizer for my purses 👛. Kitchen fridge and pantry organizers as well. When I get my washer and dryer installed I will be so excited.

I need to go to my parents and get some laundry done this week. Looking forward to my daughter getting her 2 year old portraits done next Monday. I am hoping to take my son to a movie tomorrow.

Have frames and clothes and toys and Martha meals I am sending with my husband while he is out of town at our other home for business.

looking forward to Wednesday evening will get some time with my bestie. Hoping to get in a full nights sleep tonight. But first the Bachelorette 📺🌹😴