Love of my life

I was lucky enough to meet my husband in 2011. After years of dating and not finding anyone that was long-term marriage material.I felt like giving up at times. My friends encouraged me to get back out there and start meeting new people and dating after breaking off an engagement. That was one of the hardest things I have ever done but thank goodness I did. We were  not the right fit and I do not believe in divorce. Jeff my husband actually reached out to me for a couple of months via emails and texts before we finally  made time to meet in person. When we met he was wrapping up a divorce which is hard for anyone to go through especially when you have kids. I was a true single mom raising my son on my own no dad in the picture ever. So I was definitely a package deal and I was not going to settle.I wanted to find a man of great character that shared similar interests and loved kids and family as much as me. Jeff and I had such busy schedules that we finally decided instead of waiting any longer to meet we would have him meet me and my son for lunch and a movie. This could be made or break depending on how he interacted with my son. All went well and I was very attracted to him both physically and his personality.We went on about three dates with my son before we were able to go out on our own. It was highly anticipated and we were both looking forward to some real-time to get to know each other on our own. It was summer so I got a spray tan and we were supposed to go out the next evening, But Jeff asked if we could move up the date and I warned him I was quite dark from my tan since I just got it done. He was warned but when I opened my door when he arrived he was taken back lol. Guess I was a little darker than he expected. He planned a nice dinner for us at his favorite restaurant 3rd Corner Wine and Bistro. Conversation was going great chemistry was definitely there. We took a nice romantic walk after at the local park  and a cute little duck family was waddling behind us. It went so well that he asked if he could join me and my son at the Beach the next day. I was a little nervous about that. Mainly because I did like him, and a full day outing with my son would be very telling it would either be a great experience and bring us closer or be awful and end things abruptly. Well the day went like this he picked us up we drove to Newport Beach and had a full day of fun in the sun. Made sand castles and played in the surf even saw some dolphins. After a full day of fun my son and i were covered in sand and there were no outdoor showers in sight so we looked liked a couple of bums. So my guy was  such a trooper taking us to dinner and we were still hitting it off and my son had a blast. As summer went on we did many day trips and weekends away together the three of us. We had plenty of adult dates as well. We were falling in love and we were falling fairly fast. We were moving at a snail’s pace physically both because my now husband is such a gentlemen and because we liked each other we both wanted everything to be special. Two great spots he introduced us to was June Lake, which is up just past Mammoth. As well as Newport Dunes a great RV park which is a great place to take your family. At the end of summer we were exchanging I love you’s and getting more serious. Jeff even came to Brandon’s kindergarten back to school night. We had the night to ourselves had a great dinner and we had a special weekend planned the day after to Laguna Beach. I was at my brink for holding out physically it had been over 6 months of dating so it was time to be intimate. Jeff is very romantic so I know his plan was to do it right in Laguna but I let him know that night after dinner I should spend the night. I did and it was fantastic. That sealed the deal I was sure I had found the man of my dreams. We went to Laguna the next day and it was a great trip. I laugh though I am not a big drinker and part of our first night was wine tasting and then a decadent meal. Needless to say after getting into a sexy little number I quickly felt ill and hugged the toilet  all night lol. So un romantic  I felt like medusa and felt like he was going to leave me. But I was just insecure and  he loved me and he was so sweet to me. The next day we went on a fabulous Whale watching outing and we saw a huge Grey whale and dolphins and it was absolutely  perfect. Both of us share birthdays in September so the next couple of weekends we went away. First for my birthday he took us to The Mission Inn, In riverside California. This place is incredible, We enjoyed the spa day as a couple and had a terrific streak dinner at Duane’s steakhouse which is on site. We even talked about how great this location would be to get married at. The following weekend we went to Universal Studios for his birthday trip and had so much fun. He actually had us go into Tiffany & Company to look at engagement rings. I was  on cloud 9. We were  going strong all the way through the holidays. I spent christmas eve with his family and he spent christmas day with mine. But out of no where he pulled  away he broke it off. We kept in touch but obviously by friends and family were wary of his ability to commit since he had some emotional baggage  from all the pain of his divorce. We ran into each other later in March and it looked like we were  going to get back together. But he totally backed off. I got hurt and upset and started to feel like I was done dating and just wanted to raise my son and think about love once he graduated. During that year I did end up going on dates but had no interest no one could get me to spark I was still in love with Jeff no matter how much he broke my heart. By the end of the year we went on a few dinner dates together then I found out he was having a long distance relationship with  another woman. I was devastated and I figured I needed to be honest after the New Year when he called me and I needed to tell him I still loved him and see if that meant anything to him. We had lunch I laid it all out on the table and he said he wished me well. But he was happy and in a good relationship. I later found out he broke it off with her shortly after we had our lunch. So I must have had some impact on him. But  I was content on my own and staying busy with my son and life. I ended up moving into a new house ran into him and he offered to help me move. That was sweet so I accepted his help and soon after he was wanting to date. I was  still in love but so hurt. So I was beyond weary and hesitant. After we dated about a month I had a serious talk with him and told him we should end it. Unless he knew without a doubt that I was the woman for him and that he wanted to marry me and one day be a family with my son and I . He said we were  what he wanted and he knew now more than ever. So we moved forward and just a couple of months later he took me on our first big vacation  he and I flew to Hawaii he was doing the Waikiki rough water swim over labor day 2013. Everyone expected him to propose to me on that trip. That did not happen but it was a phenomenal  trip and he bought me a beautiful necklace a Tiffany & Company. We did a Shark dive which I was very nervous about doing but it was amazing and I am so happy I did it. Just a month later he found out he needed to go up to June Lake to live to run his family business when he lost a manager. I was doing great at my job and things were great with my son and with Jeff and I. So I was wondering if this would end our union. But he asked me what I thought about him moving up there and I mentioned that, I loved our time up there and would not mind living up there. That sealed the deal for him he was so cautious about commitment since his heart was broken when his ex-wife ended there nearly 20 year marriage. He told me it was just a matter of time and he’d be proposing. We talked  about  my son finishing up his school year until June and then us joining him up there to live. He came down and spent Thanksgiving with me and took me out with his family. Then I did not see him again until close to christmas. When  New Years rolled around I knew it was going to be a monumental night. My gut told me this was the night  he was going to propose. I wore a beautiful gown my parents picked up my son and said they would keep him overnight. Jeff picked me up and was taking me to his favorite  restaurant 3rd corner wine and bistro. It was odd he took a wrong street it was possibly from nerves or to stall I will never know  for sure. But when we arrived and the hostess was leading us to our table I looked up and saw my parents my son and his whole family there. He immediately took to his knee spoke some beautiful words to me and asked for my hand in marriage. I immediately said yes and I was in such a dream like state of bliss and happiness.  We were married March, 28 2014 and it will be three years this March. I love my husband more with each passing day. I am so blessed to have my true love.

My first Born

My first-born son, you are the absolute light of my life. You were a total angel sent down from heaven a surprise and a learning experience. You have shaped me into the woman I am today and I am so blessed to call you mine. I really came into my own once I became a mom. We were on our own and being an unmarried single mother with No father in the picture is not easy. But we were a great team and we are so lucky to have had the time together that we did. Are bond  in unbreakable. You are the most kind and gentle young man you are honest and good. You work very hard and you always help those who need it. You appreciate all you have and make me so very proud. I Love watching how great you are now as a big brother. Watching you form into a wonderful young man is incredible. Being a mother is truly the greatest gift and most gratifying work in the world. I look forward to each and every day every moment new adventure you in bark on with me and on your own. I am always there with you, were part of each other and carry each other is our hearts forever and always. img_1667img_1668img_1537img_1670img_1671img_1539img_1540img_1547img_1675img_1549img_1550img_1551img_1552img_1554img_1625img_1683img_1684img_1685img_1686img_1687img_1688img_1562img_1690img_1691img_1568img_1693img_1694img_1695img_1569img_1565img_1698img_1699img_1700img_1701img_1567img_1627img_1704img_1705img_1706img_1707img_1570img_1571img_1710img_1711img_1712img_1713img_1714img_1715img_1716img_1717img_1573img_1719img_1720img_1575img_1722img_1577img_1579img_1580img_1726img_1727img_1728img_1729img_1730img_1732img_1733img_1734

Favorite Items

Disney Dooney & Bourke bags I am obsessed with  Bought the brown leather one I bought actually back before my wedding in 2014. Mine has tinker bell o it and castle etc. I love it and still use it as one of my main purses. My husband got me the backpack this past September for my birthday.  I love it and it’s the one I take on all our Disney trips now. The weekender bag I splurged on this summer as a treat for myself and it’s the perfect size for those weekend getaways.


I’ve loved Origins products for long over a decade and face masks are one of my favorite things to stock up on. I like  them all I use clear improvement the most during winter and drink up the most in summertime. Use all of them rotating though week to week. The modern friction is wonderful even  my husband loves using that. I’ve been using never a dull moment since I was in  y early 20’s and it makes my skin glow and feel and look younger. My husband also likes the blade runner and Save the males. I use the perfect world moisturizer during the Spring and summer months. The coach hand bag I got myself back in 2013 and still use at least twice a week.


The clothes below are from my favorite store Whitehouse Black Market. I need to take pictures of my clothes because I have what’s below abs so many other great pieces that I could not find photos of.


I will  continue to post my favorite items and will in the future take photos of me wearing the items when possible.

img_1662I was blessed this past Christmas 2016. My husband got me a vacuum I had been asking for one for quite some time. I got a Rumba by I Robot. I knew I would absolutely love it and it has truly surpassed my expectations. Being a busy mom with two small children and a dog that constantly track dirt in the house I am thrilled to have this to help me out with all my floor cleaning.



Another great Christmas gift was my Rose Gold Mac Book. Not only is it stylish and sleek but it’s been tremendous. I have never owned a Mac computer just iPad and I phone. It was something I had to get used to at first but it’s making my life and my work so much easier.


White House Black Market is one of my favorite stores and this year I have got some fantastic wardrobe pieces. Here are some of my absolute Best Buy’s.

Fab Fit Fun Winter Box 2016 Review

This box was truly a special gift under the tree 🌲. I was able to put this under tree from Santa and have that true childlike fun Christmas morning. My favorite items have been the shadow stick in nude absolutely love this it’s creamy smooth doesn’t clog my pores and lasts all day or night. The D.L. & Co Blackberry Nectar candle smells divine. I love bubble baths and this is sitting on mine each night when calgon takes me away lol. The Anderson Lille’s No 12 Sicilian Tangerine body cream is great smells nice but not too strong makes you feel silky smooth. The thank you cards have already been used perfect after all the holiday events. The appointment book is helping me stay organized in the New Year. A great box for sure and those were just my favorites. If you have not subscribed these are fun and great new finds you will love. Also a great gift idea as well😊. Next box that I await is Spring 2017 🙏


Fab Fit Fun Fall Box 2016 Review

img_1658This Fall box is a favorite of mine. It’s only my third box but I am hooked. I enjoy this so much feel like a kid on Christmas. Which is great because when your a wife and mother of two young ones. Your priority is not usually things for yourself. This Mod cloth has been so great especially with last few days of rain stylish and warm. Toe sox it was my first pair now I am hooked for Yoga, Barre and so much more. The Hello Georgous coffee mug so great for this coffee lover. The brow gel has not been my favorite it’s very hard to touch hate feeling but still great item to try others might love it . The Nude eye color collection is out of this world amazing. I don’t usually wear much eye makeup but these are so great I can wear them day or night.


Loving this will will continue adding as I use more items.

Up Next Winter Box 📦

Fab fit fun summer box Review


This is my second box and the anticipation was emense😊 This box has so many great items. I also ordered the donut raft for me and my kiddos to enjoy🍩. The products I enjoyed the most and would recommend are the Vitamin Sea Orange beach tote. I absolutely love this bag, and have been getting lots of use out of it.

My very favorite that I have already purchased more of. Is Marrakesh Argan& Hemp oil therapy. This stuff is a magic serum that keeps my hair soft shiny and with no frizz or fly away hairs.

The popsicles were fun with kiddos. The yoga towel very cute but usually gets used only at beach not for yoga class.

The Osea environment lotion is wonderful.
Another must have is the Stimulation microdermabrasion it’s amazing make sure my skin feel silky and look smooth and youthful. I will be buying more of this for sure.
I look forward to every 📦 box.

My life


My Name is Jennifer Ronci.I was born and raised in California.I am the proud wife of Jeff Ronci.We have two incredible children Brandon and Savannah.I enjoy trying new things,projects,Outdoor adventures,new recipes, and travel, just to name a few.I hope to encourage others to try new things! I strive to learn as much as possible. To cherish my family and friends and never take a single moment for granted.

Fit Fab Fun Spring Box Review

I just recently signed up for the Fit Fab Fun Box. Sounded so fun to have some cool surprise box come to my door step ever season with wonderful things to try. I love the feeling of rekindling a child like Christmas morning experience. So I anxiously awaited my box and boy was I excited when it arrived.

Once it arrived I ripped through the delivery box and Happily found a stylish fit fab fun box inside. There was an array of fabulous items inside. Each on a special gift for me. My absolute favorite so far is the kitchen herb garden which I have started and it’s to grow Basil, Thyme and Mint . So will add posts on each item as I learn and enjoy use of them . Another favorite is the beautiful dainty “LOVE” necklace.

I am now anxiously waiting for my summer box to arrive. Stay tuned for more blogs on these items and all future seasonal boxes.