Busy Mom Tips to Get Fit

Being a mom means being more creative with your workouts. We don’t always have time to go to a gym or to dance classes or to even take a run or walk on our own. When you have young children your used to being a full-time chauffeur , Chef, tutor, friend, disciplinarian. Your hours are long and your time is precious. I have found different  tips to help me stay active and feel like I am getting in a workout. I take out the stroller in the morning and afternoons when weather permits and me and my baby girl walk my 10-year-old to and from school. I wall sit whenever possible  around the house at kids sporting events. Use my daughter as my weight and do chest presses and sit ups. I park far away so I get more steps in even for a trip to the grocery store. I take the time my baby is napping and I do my chores first but then even if for only 15 minutes I get out my Kettle bells do reps and I do crunches and squats and push ups. I time myself with music one song is how long I do an activity. When my daughter is in the bath instead of sitting down I stand by bath and do squats. I challenge my son to see how many push ups we can do as something fun and healthy. I race him at the park  to see who runs the fastest, He is very fast I sweat my butt off and I don’t always win.My baby loves music so I pick her up and dance with her as often as possible in the day. I have three days a week that my daughter started going to daycare those days are now set for household, errands , fitness and time for myself. I will keep making posts as I figure out best way to utilize my time. Wish me luck  and I will be sure to give you any and all tips I can think of. I do know dressing comfortably in workout gear first thing in the morning helps to motivate me to get moving no matter what my day holds. Don’t give up and stay hydrated turn your chores into a workout.even adding 5 reps more each day you will see huge results and start gaining more strength. I am very motivated to get back into a healthy routine and make fitness a priority again. I am very  busy and my kids and husband are my life. Part of making time for my fitness and just me time in general is loving my family. Because the happier and healthier I can be the better wife and mother I will be for them.


Lip Enhancement

I was always curious about what results would be if I enhanced my small lips. For my birthday this past year my husband decided to send me in to get this done. These are the before and after pictures. I am very happy with the results.

The Plastic Surgery Institute

71949 CA -111 #300 Rancho Mirage,CA 92270

(760) 568-2211


Best Baby Registry Items Ever!

Must have items to make life easier on you and your baby in the first year. The Co sleeper (Baby Delight Snuggle Nest Surround XL)was a staple in our household we used it in our bed almost every night  in the first few months. It also was the magic fix when our daughter woke up in middle of night letting her be close to us she would go back to sleep and we would wake up rested and refreshed the next day.It was easy to travel with and we took it everywhere with us. The MOD Baby Carseat Cover comes in handy as well. We live in sunny California, which means lots of sun in our daughters face while on stroller rides or car rides. Until we purchased the practical car seat cover. They come off wash easily and are in a wide variety of colors and patterns. The Diaper Genie Elite   we still use this and it does keep the smell out its very easy to use our 10-year-old knows how to empty it and reset new bag. Baby Bloomers now we have a girl but little diaper covers are not just for girls I also had some great ones when my son was  a baby. They are inexpensive can sometimes be an outfit all on their own depending on the weather. Having a swing(Fisher Price Platinum Cradle Swing My Little Lamb) has been a lifesaver with both my children. when my son was born his Ocean Wonders Swing was the only thing he would sleep in when fussy. But with my kids nine-year age difference I did not have any of his baby items anymore. I was happy to find this My Little Lamb  swing for our daughter it has 3 positions has song and sounds. a light show within mobile that mesmerized her. She was a much more petite baby so we were able to use the swing for longer. If you strictly breast feed the bottles are not for you but I was unable to get much milk for my babies at all. So they were formula fed and the best bottles  are the Dr. Browns brand I like that you have the different  size options. They are durable and great for travel. Velcro Swaddlers  Swaddling with receiving blankets or other swaddlers can work. It was all I had to do the job nine years ago when I had my son. But I was ecstatic  to learn of these velcro ones when my daughter was born. She was strong and always tried to get out but with these she was locked in good for a cozy rest. Vibration Teethers(The First Years Massaging Action Teether)  I did buy this exact one below and its fantastic but I stand  behind any well made vibration teether my daughter has several. They are wonderful on the go easy to sterilize do not put directly in water or dishwasher . When my son was born and started teething these were not around I had to give him my electric tooth-brush for comfort. It wasn’t until he was nearly 9 months old that I found our first vibration teether. The FISHER PRICE KICK & PLAY PIANO GYM Truly  one of my favorite baby items. My daughter played with this both on her back her tummy and even once she could sit up on her own she played with the piano which detached. This is very easy to clean and its easy to take with you on weekends away. The Baby Einstein Musical Activity Jumper this was a hit. My daughter started using this at four months old and used it all the way until she began to walk. There was so much to keep her interested and they can fully turn and have full range of motion. It adjust as they grow for their height and its also easy  to clean. Vick’s 1.0 Gallon Starry Night Projector and Cool Mist Humidifier So happy with this purchase we use the Projector every single night. We use the Humidifier anytime she seems  under the weather I love that you can add Vick’s tabs to have a vapor mist to sooth her sinus anytime. The pads are not too expensive and in a jam I’ve put Vick’s on an old tab in middle of night and it works just as well. Grace Nasal Clear  This is amazing so much better than the old way of doing it. Once again this is something they never had when I had my son nine years ago would have absolutely been a lifesaver. This works so well is easy to clean and you would be amazed at how much it gets out painlessly easily and without a fight. Wubbanub Baby Pacifier Not only are these completely adorable my daughter used a cute frog her very favorite and a monkey as backup. she did not use a pacifier as long as my son did. But this went with us everywhere and was very soothing to her. Proven Forehead and Ear Thermometer This is so easy to use no matter how much your kiddo is putting up a fight it takes only seconds and you have a perfectly accurate read. I really hope that these recommendations  not only work for you but make your life a whole lot easier during your babies first year.

Our Family

Photos By http://www.macdorephotography.com/

This was a very meaningful photo shoot for me. For a long time it was me and my handsome son on our own since he was born We have a magnificent picture above our fireplace of the two of us. But our lives were enriched when my husband came into our lives and we eventually married in March of 2014. In all this time we have built a life together and have grown as a family the three of us and the blessing to us all of me getting pregnant with my beautiful baby girl. I look forward to putting a beautiful picture of our complete family above our fireplace in our home.




Baby shower for my Baby Girl Savannah Rose

This Baby shower was so much fun. I was able to hire my friend who has a wonderful company Desert Dream Parties. This made life easier on me I just let her know what I liked and she got all the items for our Baby shower and came and set it all up on the big day and helped take everything down afterwards. I ordered these wonderful flavored cake pops from a local vendor as well. I have such a wonderful group of family and friends who made my day absolutely  spectacular. My wonderful husband took our son on a guys trip to Universal Studios which they both thoroughly enjoyed while I enjoyed the girl time at our home.


Great party planning company I used

Desert Dream Parties




Celebrating the Bride

I had the most amazing time celebrating with my family and friends. My mother and Best friends planned a beautiful  Bridal shower for me at 3rd Corner Wine & Bistro in Palm Desert CA. The food and wine were top-notch and the decor was perfect. Having the people I love most in the world making me feel so special was something so wonderful I was truly glowing and felt like I was walking on sunshine. My best girlfriends also  had us go for cocktails that evening before we met up with the guys. The following day  three of us went to The Miramonte Spa in Indian Wells CA We made a day of it. Hung by the pool had a wonderful poolside lunch and cocktails. We enjoyed the Eucalyptus steam room the private pools and all got wonderful facials and massages. I highly recommend this spa its one of my favorites. Then me and my very best friend had a Disney Day we dressed up and were totally goofy and we had a magical day at the Happiest Place on Earth. I am so grateful to have had these unforgettable  moments.


June Lake

I first travelled to June Lake with my husband and my son when we first started dating in 2011. I absolutely fell in love with the town, the people and the gorgeous scenery. It was summertime and there was so much to do. I ended up moving up there early 2014 and was up there for a year full time and now spend every summer there and go up when possible during fall and winter. There are so many great hiking trails. The snow has been great last winter and now even more this winter. The lakes are great for fishing 🎣 when it’s that time of year and the people who live there are fantastic. If you get a chance to go to June Lake be sure to check out Whispering Pines it’s a great family owned motel with spectacular views. It’s older and rustic but has so much charm. It’s close to hiking trails and just across the street is a restaurant and bar as well as full spa with fitness center and classes. Here are some of my favorite pictures from my trips .



These were taken nearly 20 years ago. I love finding old photos it’s a wonderful nostalgic feeling that comes over me when I get to re live wonderful moments in my life. I had just moved out to LA was living on my own for the first time making all kind of wonderful new friendships. All dreams were possible and everything was fresh and new.